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@MistaDonzie - Counter Strike is about fast paced rounds not slowly moving around the maps looking down iron sights.

Adding iron sights would change the pacing of the game and like the title suggests would just be another COD clone if it did.

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I'm surprised to see Tiger Woods on the list. Surely Halo 4 was better?

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Some new exclusive games that aren't Kinect or XBLA.

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Fixed Yodacracker: I think I speak for most people who don't own a 3D TV when I say: "Who the hell cares about 3D?!"

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I'm very interested in Agent, The Last of Us, but I'm also stoked for Halo 4 and hearing some good things about Steel Battalion.

Is it a crime to be more excited over some of the multiplats though?

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I agree. It will be a close call but Mass Effect just isn't in the same league as the big boys. The article even mentions the 8.5 million Skyrim sales as a contrast.

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I think Remedy own the IP but Microsoft has the right to publish for X number of years. I could be wrong though.

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I would assume the price would remain the same but merely split into two. So $29.99 for each component or am I being naive and Activision would still charge 60 for the Multiplayer only and another 60 for the single player?

I like the idea but it spells doom if either a single player game sucks or a multiplayer game sucks. I guess it would make developers more concious of failure and would encourage them to ensure their game will generate sales based on its own merits.

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Not sure how much profit it brings but I agree the game is good but hasn't got the wider appeal of Max Payne who is just a much cooler character all round.

Remedy should face up to facts and totally reinvent the franchise with a new name new lead and new gameplay.

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Judging from the preview video that was posted yesterday, the game looks pretty easy to get into for beginners. It even has one button combos.

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I think Namco are making a Tekken X Streetfighter which obviously uses the Tekken fighting system.

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Correct me if I am wrong but I feel there's a general unwritten sentiment that if a game is on XBLA or PSN then the quality isn't as good as a full retail game especially considering the lower pricing and lesser content.

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I wish I could afford all of those, but having played the demo of Snakeater on the 3DS I want that as well.

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DEA Fresh is 100% correct

I don't buy it. Because then what would happen is retailers would sell the used Lite versions for an even lower price.

So Cliffy is completely wrong.

There is only one way publishers can tackle used sales and that's a Digital Download game.

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I disagree with the "important focus" but it will be an aspect of the next Xbox that's for sure.

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November 2012 seems plausible. But the exact day Im not so sure.

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I would say it's unlikely but they could talk about their "vision" for next generation gaming.

If Xbox 720 is due for November 2013 then the buzz has to start somewhere.

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Sony have an interest in 3D more than MS due to selling 3D displays. It will be a shame if not everyone can experience Bioshock in 3D but such is life.

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"open door"

Is it really worth forking out for Kinect for one game?

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Im in two minds about the action slant as there's a real lack of survival horror games now. With the subject matter, Remedy could have honed the style a bit more to make it work rather than pander to the masses.

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