Time to dance


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*claps hands*

well said.

too many whiners.

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This game is going to be like Marmite on toast.

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Awww come on that's a bit harsh isn't it.

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From what I've seen and heard NG 3 has taken a step back from Itagaki's vision, but it's moments like these which still keep the game very cool indeed. I'm not sure where they are going with the woman's hair though.

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March has been pretty eventful but there's still two weeks left of it. I think the whole Mass Effect 3 ending thing has been the most striking.

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QTE overkill is more like Ninja Blade, than Ninja Gaiden.

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Gaming has become so mainstream now, it no longer needs a dedicated representation on the high street. Pre, the supermarkets getting in on the act maybe so, but now they are almost relics of a bygone age.

It's likely I will never shop at a high street store ever again unless they really lowered their prices to be competitive with online retailers like Shopto.

@ Matgrowcott - if high street dedicated stores close then the supermarkets will take the busines...

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If only we knew the true cost of development for this title then we'd know if it was a success or bombed.

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Being the best Kinect game isn't something that is hard to achieve. With a cool license behind it, the KSW is bound to "feel" good to fans whether the game is poop or not.

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Itagaki's direction has meant the games have been challenging, filled with boobs and a joy to play and it appears the development teams post Itagaki have something to prove moving away from his direction. Whether this resonates well with us lot, is yet to be seen.

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The article isn't about Operation Raccoon City though is it, so why mention the exclusive Nemesis Mode?

I'd rather have two HD remastered games on Xbox than one additional mode to an already packed and unrelated game any day of the week.

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GAME are the UK equivalent and only useful for people abusing the 14 day returns policy or trading in other peoples games.

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Im liking the look of this game too. Not so fussed over the exclusive Nemesis mode but it sounds like there's a lot on offer for a RE fan.

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This is incredible how such a crap game can get a sequel when more deserving ideas get throw to the side. Gaijin must have hypnotized Konami.

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Quite witty indeed.

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Sarah Fisher or better yet, Jade Raymond in bra and panties. Now that might be interesting - because it's a stealth game, none of the enemies would actually see her.

On a serious note. Grims would make for a decent main protagonist considering she gets b**** slapped by Sam in Conviction.

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IF, Black Ops 2 comes out this year, then it will be a contender for the biggest game of 2012. GTA V might be pushed into 2013 but is likely to be the biggest. I think people are tired of so many COD games with the yearly releases. As for The Last of Us I'm not sure how big it will actually be simply because it's a new IP. Probably one of the most anticipated, but not necessarily the biggest.

What about Mass Effect 3? It's out already and has lots of praise.

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Omission of the word "again".

I think they will. The Wii U is launching this year, not some distant future. If they can present some great looking games that use the tablet interface really well then they'll steal the show from the usual MS COD exclusive DLC announcements/Halo 4 and Sony's Vita talk and sales figures posturing.

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Trade magazine MCV seem to be pretty sure about no disc Xbox and a release next year.

Am I being naive about the credibility of MCV or are they playing the big April Fools gag three weeks too early?

On topic, Microsoft could have used the event to hint about Xbox 720 but what I can gather from reading other articles is the event was to highlight the long legs of Xbox 360 this year.

E3/Gamescom is more likely imo.

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Parasite Eve is a great choice and a game that needs to either be remade, or a new game for PS3 and/or Xbox.

Where's Deus Ex? That game is awesome.

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