Time to dance


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Wishful thinking. Microsoft really needed a collection of good games to warrant the purchase.

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Been waiting for this day.

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Very nice. Cant wait for this. It has been years over due.

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Same ol same ol every year same game different clothing.

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Sweet - not sure what the relevance with Black Ops 2 is though.

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Both for me depending on the game... I prefer stealth though.

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Considering no one knows if xbox will release next year the Ps4 could still release first.

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Saw these earlier, I want this game now! :)

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MS are focusing their efforts elsewhere but for how long?

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I just want the demo j/k

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I've certainly got my eye on this now after hearing good things about it. Liking the pawn system very much.

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Don't want me on your team then ;-)

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Can't wait to get my hands on it on tuesday!

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"350,000" is all due to massive amounts of advertising from Microsoft.....

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That's a fair analogy I think.

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I'll believe it when I see it...

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The stories have always played second fiddle to the gameplay. I kind of liked the old school tongue in cheekness of classic Resi Evil, although I also am glad that the series has moved forwards dramatically.

It's the story that's needed a kick in the nads, and RE6 in terms of characters and story looks leaps and bounds ahead of RE5 already. So, here's hoping it all pans out...

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I thought both those games really sucked badly. Fingers crossed they do better with third person action games.

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I think I'll pick this up once the price drops - which will no doubt be soon enough :)

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I never buy consoles at launch after making the mistake of getting the full priced 3DS... :)

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