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The deal was better before. Spend 50 get 10

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ppl forget alot of CONSOLE only gamers mistaken alot of the Xbox as being exclusive, but in fact many of these games are also found on PC.

With pressure from PS4 and Steambox, MS will have a hell of a time maintaining market share.

Valve does not really have to worry as much since their bread and butter is still from their Steam service.

If steambox stays true to it's backwards compatablity, were in for a nice ride :)

I ...

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Exactly doom came out in 95, and even with the so called optimization console gamers like to throw around it was still pretty much gimped.

By MID 96 we were already in the stage of Quake 3 and 3dfx video cards.

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Wrong, the power of the PC gaming era started when Doom 1 came out. That was 1993. No console could do true 3d sprites back then. Hell games like Dune 2 came out in 1992.

PC gaming really started when the 386/ 486 DX chip came out from INTEL

The PC platform only started becoming as a viable source of home computing when PC's started becoming more affordable.

Before the 90's machiens used to cost easily 3000$

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Umm WHY are ppl so surprised of this. This game is 2 YEARS OLD thats 4 refreshes of videocards.

Even after the reverse engineering article we can see that the GPU is essentially a ~ 7850 ATI card that is worht 150$ > 200$.

It's funny how ppl are jumping the gun and say the PS4 has "unlimitless" power.

It's funny how many ppl bash apple followers and call them sheep, but this seems to follow the same with console only play...

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As a PC gamer, I would say we needed a next gen console since 2010.

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This is why 300$ card I bough half a year ago on my PC still performs smoothly at 1080p on Battlefield 4.

There is a reason why I doubted the power of the PS4 when they said they could only do 900 p on that power intensive game.

This is reality folks and most console gamers DO NOT SEE THIS.

Yes you get alot for a 400$ ps4, since Sony is losing a bit of money off each console. But Reality is it is not as good as what ppl say it is. The facts...

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I just wish they did REVERSE remote play.
Where you can stream your vita to your PS4 so you can use your dual shock 4.

I played Killzone/Resistance/COD on the vita, and I find my hand crimp up after playing 20+ minutes with FPS games.

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Playing this on PC right now. It is simply beautiful and it runs quite well to boot.

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I think the problem with knack, from what I hear

Every level dictates what size your gonna be. That is a key feature that is controlled :(

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yup should have it shipped out by Dec 9th

Not to anxious since I still have an xbox360, vita, ps3, and pc gaming rig ;)

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I was bummed about it when they were mentioning like crazy as a key feature for PS3, lets hope this time around as good as they say it is. Should find out in December :)

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Same goes with Heavinly Sword when it came out ;) Repetitive but enjoyable

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maybe cuz they wanted to avoid the possiblity of overheating this time around?

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Should/Promise is a very strong word. It just means you jumped to conclusions based off of Marketing ploys.

Just look at when killzone / halo got released so much ppl got caught up with the prerendered scenes and though it was actual gameplay without any basis.

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@ Skippy.

How did you come to the conclusion that PC gamers live with their parents basements wow, and who is to say you have to be a nerd to be playing PC gaming.

50 million steam accounts is alot , plus you forgot things like and origin and also the whole slew of DRM free games.

It's more like the other way around... console gamers are smaller than you think VS PC gaming.

Lets take 80 million consoles from ei...

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Not really, consoles tend to start failing around the 4>5 year mark and you have to buy new console. Though luckily I have only replaced 1 ps3.

Games sales on PC's are really discounted when it comes to sales, not on consoles.

The advantage of PC is I can keep my old discounted games and move it onto my next computer :) Good example is Half Life 2. I played it my old PC years back, and now I reinstalled it on my new PC which runs better.

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There are alot more PC gamers than console gamers you know.

PC gaming is a different beast because it is TRUE backwards compatablity.

We still have consumers who buy those very old games and still enjoy because of the sales.

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PC gaming will always be ahead of consoles just because the hardware is always evolving vs consoles who have a fixed hardware performance specs.

The thing with consoles that make it sell is honestly ONLY the exclusives. If your a gamer like myself who tries to play on all platforms you will see this. I maybe labeled as a PC gamer (because I do have preference for PC gaming because you can just DO SO MUCH MORE vs consoles)

I see this every generation of cons...

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Don't know why ppl are bashing Forza just because its not Playstation.

I have been playing Grand Turismo for the LONGEST time and I am a huge fan of the series, but IMO Forza SO FAR looks like one one of the best racing games to come out in terms of graphics. Yes they downgraded alot of things, we get that but if we take the game from what it is NOW it is one of the best racers on the market at the moment.Despite all the comparisons with the BETA/alpha version to the fi...

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