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A product is not "supposed" to have a price cut

Price cuts usually occur based on
1) pressure from competition
2)liquidation of old product line to make way for new

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Why the heck are they putting lots of money into the division in the past years. There is money to be made.

At a business standpoint Sony is Not a video game company even though in the past ten years they made alot of money from that division, they are still regarded as media /entertainment company.

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There is little interest in the system on this site.... its a different market.

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With a ~1.5 year lead They only have a few games I want to play
gears of war ( which is coming on pc), r6vegas (ITs multiplatform, graw (its on pc), graw2 ( multiplatform)

I would expect much better for a paid service, and even so I experienced much intense battles on a pc multiplayer (xbox multiplayer simply does not compare.... but maybe it has all the stats recorded, but do I really care) Maybe its too difficult for the simple minded to find multiplayer sessions o...

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This will silence or tone down some xbot propaganda. Samething happened with the hd-dvd vs blu-ray fiasco

I still remember hearing xbots chirping away that 9 gb dvd's are good enough for all games. I guess were going to see future xbox games installed on HD's just like PC's having been doing for many many years.

For the ps3 consumer they dont have to worry too much about purchasing a new HD, because it will be mostly used for mods,addons, demos etc... smaller ...

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but too many cars of the same type is pointless.

I remember Playing gt4 and could not really tell the difference between a old skyline vs a new skyline.

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Newsflash, MS helped fund development into HDDVD
Just like sony helped fund development in blu-ray just like many of the other companys out there.

I kindov getting sick of the marketing term NEXT GEN gaming..... when many pc gamers have scene many of the things that consoles are pulling out right now.

Downloadable hd content is very very far from maturing. PVR's and Video rental are still here to stay for a very long time.

Ps3 is later in...

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I bought the blu-ray version of 300, though Im not too impressed about the grainyness quality of the movie.

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Btw xbox cannot install files like a pc. There is no point in comparing it to a pc because the pc has the flexiblity to INSTALL on a HD

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Is it even possible to hide from your fanboyism at least once.

Of course Sony wanted to match the MS... why its to help push their upcoming software sales which they announced in e3.... they want to show to the developers, share holders, and more importantly their future consumers that they are getting things done. Its all business in the end. Do you quite honestly believe that a sony fanboy Is looking for a "super model", imo I think the fanboys are already owners ...

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Most of my bd discs have uncompressed audio

It does sound better than dolby digital true HD and dts hd, thats if you have a superb audio system.

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I've played many games on ALL platforms and No games deserve a 10. Hell those games that have a 10 I personally believe there was money involved.

A 10 means perfect in all respects, graphics, sound, REPLAY value, immersion, and of course something new to the formula

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Im a hardcore pc gamer, seen many games take over 9 gigs on my HD. There is this thing called installing of game files on your hd.. This is the reason why you still see pc games on mulple cd discs, because you only have to install once. Its annoying at first it only one time.

Consoles on the other hand they are a different beast, but the problem is xbox 360 does not require an HD and its constrained to a 9 gig disc.

Ps2 gives a bit more flexiblity with 50gb dis...

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Who is an XBOX FANboy like nuts who knew nothing about technology started bashing sony because of the 2x Blu ray drive. He Stated it was way too slow. He based his argument because it was "2x"

Then I shut him up by saying a 48 x cd rom transferred data much slower than a 16 x dvd rom....

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2+ discs per a game.... nothing really wrong with that
But it will get annoying swtiching discs..

Multi discs only really work for pc gaming, because you can install everything on a large hard disc... while the xbox 360 does come mandatory with an HD.. This is a restriction that MS should have seen.

I mean ms has been in the pc gaming industry for a long time they should have screen this coming.

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but, I does not mean that it is going to be realse a few weeks behind.

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Its all about flexiblity for the studios to produce better quality discs.
I still remember when dvd's first came out (single layer!!)
It quickly expanded because the studios needed more memory.

Correct me if Im wrong but I've never heard of a hd-dvd movie use a single layer disc (15gb) maybe because the movie will only look slighty better when using this ammount of memory.

While on BD Ive seen both 25 and 50gb discs, this gives the studio flexiblity...

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I agree that commentary and extra's are not really useful..

But the picture quality on hd-dvd and BD is one step WAY up

I have a 300 dollar upconverting dvd player and it still does not compare to the picture sharpness and color HD disk. Upconverted is upconverted... meaning the the image is being manipulated in such a way to make it seem better than it really is , and even when that in mind blu-ray and hd-dvd quality is stil superb.

I've had fri...

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PC gaming is a luxury.... hehe something I have

for those ppl who think the ps3 is doomed .. then you have a very closed mind.

Its only been out for ~8 months. Give them credit they are actually doing the same or even better than xbox over the same time frame.
Plus their unit costs much more than the xbox 360 and wii.

They must be doing something right... Ppl forget the ps1 and ps2 never had a great start, I would say about the same start....

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Its simply because of blu-ray.
I bought my system for blu-ray,
IF i got bored of games I simply buy a BD and watch a movie.

The system simply does not collect as much dust .

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