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Hype combined with limited funds to play games, which creates fanboyism.

Sorry to say this but if you enjoy playing games you would get all systems. Yes there is a preference, but all the consoles have a place, hence the reason why each console has exclusives.

Now my preference is PC gaming just because of the mouse and KB and better graphics and all. But one thing for sure Consoles have games that cannot be found on PC. One thing for sure is its funny how c...

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It was the norm for a long time now, even before this generation came out.

Some developers like to focus on multiplayer since alot of ppl are looking for that.

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Sorry to say this but there are many games that put Single player as an after thought. Same goes the other way there are many games that put multiplayer as an after though. In fact many games that focus on multiplayer give longer hours of enjoyment.

I remember back in the days of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, tribes, Counter Strike. Crap singleplayer but amazing Multiplayer. It was well worth the 60>70 dollars back then.

Just look at COD, battlefield, a...

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Although batteries are not good for the environment. You can get a BOAT load of them from i.e. costco at a very reasonable price.

Even at walmart you can get them at cheap price.

The only time I seen non-rechargeable batteries that are expensive are lithium. Other than that they are pretty dirt cheap.

Never liked the idea of having AA batteries in game controllers, but hey you can still get a cheap bundle of recharables at reasonable price ...

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I dont think it will work, from what I hear the ps4 controller uses teh same standard connection as a smartphone nowadays (micro USB)

Ps3 cables are not micro usb

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those double AA batteries must be really expensive.

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In all honesty, they should really include an extra cable.

Let's say you buy a new system with 1 x controller it comes with one cable, but you buy another controller. What happens in the scenario where you have to charge both controllers at the same time.

1) you either buy a cable at your computer store
2) buy the docking station charger for multiple controllers.

Either way you have to buy something extra which should be included....

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Gears of War is great, main reason why I purchased the xbox.

Had they introduced all 4 games on a PC I would have not purchased the Xbox.

Having said that the Gears of War Judgement felt very weak.

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Agreed to a certain extent.

PSN was IMO OK and functional but not the greatest. It got the JOB done. Not trying to defend the PSN but I am sure im gonna get disagrees. It did feel like it got tacked on, why because I had my PS3 since launch and I saw how it SLOWLY got upgraded to be comparable to the Xbox Live.

Having said that,yes xbox live is better, but the xbox fanboys made it seem like it was the most godly experience over the PSN, which is totally wro...

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1080P should have been the current Gen
TV's have been with 1080P for a long time

I would hope it would be all 1080p 60FPS but hey that is not reality.

But hey alot of console players are gonna be fooled once again just because the box says it does outputs 1080p. Yes there is gonna be alot more games at this resolution (consoles finally catching up) but not all games. As time passes by game programming will be more demanding hence presenting bott...

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I hate the current version the PS Store. Too slow!

Xbox is good where it is quite seemless when watching video snipits though, but one thing I hated was the advertisement (even when your paying for live)

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The reality many companies do this in many industries. As deceiving as it could be sometimes the consumer has to think rather than just react.

Look at all the car magazines, they show many of the pictures but it is not the exact version found in the market.

Or Killzone 2 the first videos (Sony did not say it was actual gameplay it was just that public overeacted and made their only conclusions rather than basing things on facts)

Look at Halo...

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I don't mind the size of consoles. I would much prefer these console makers make the width of the console the same standard width of a normal sized DVD player or the width of a standard AMP.

I know these consoles are technically toys, but they are becoming more and more as all in one entertainment devices. It would be much better if the box would conform to standard home theatre standards

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no point in pointing this out. Console only gamers put a blind eye on these things.

I still remember as the xbox matured, games becamse more complex and developers had make sacrifices in many of the games i.e. resolution.
Yet ppl were still convinced the game was native 1080p since the TV and the back of the box said so.

Same goes with Gt5, truth is that game is an odd resolution that is not 1080p... yet ppl think it really is.

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that is a pretty bold statement especially consoles usually last greater than 5 years.

No one ever predicted the Wii doing so well.. A good representation is the 2 year mark. Having said that the Wii U looks pretty gloomy now.

If they price drop the unit to 200$ by first quarter next year, they should be back in the game.

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The EXCLUSIVES I want will be bought on the platform.
For multiplatform games I will do my usual research and it usually better to purchase on the PC

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the thing is you don't have to keep up with new equipment. If you shop smart you get the right parts that will last years.

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Actually no I've had many machines from both Nvidia and AMD, and nvidia tends to shine more in terms of driver support. They are more stable and they get updated MORE often

Basic business concept, you don't splurge out all your goods in one shot. You will shoot yourself in the foot if the competition catches you offguard. Why place all your cards on the table when you don't have to.

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Yes nostalgia does play a factor, but judgment comes to play after playing the newer games, not based of just observation.

Ignorant, far from that, because I played many games before passing judgement. A newer thing does not always mean it is better.

You can only say someone is truly ignorant if they have not played the games.

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No need for steambox if your a PC gamer.
My primary gaming will be the PC, and I'll observe which machine is better for me ps or xbox 1 year from now.

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