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How do you know that the game is fantatsic? Have you played it? Because the people who have might not agree with your assessment there.

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Yeah, it's not like Sony shut down great studios like Sony Liverpool who made fantastic racing games, only to replace them with the failures who developed DriveClub. No sir, don't see that happening at Sony...

Not like they squandered a huge chunk of talent at Sony Santa Monica either, you know, the masterminds behind God of War 3 being fantastic. No, they didn't just sack all of those guys.

Or the team at Zipper Interactive, or the studio that pu...

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We should all be grateful that a news source as big as CNN is actually reporting on this, since it might be the push that Sony needs to actually upgrade the service they're charging us for and give us some actual stability.

If the fanboys would cease their mindless defense of every screwup Sony makes, we'd actually all benefit from them giving us a decent service that works as advertised. The more that people excuse their shoddy service, the longer it will continue. S...

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When has a demo ever not been a good representation of a game, though? I can't think of one single game that had a bad demo and somehow turned out to be much better when it launched.

By all accounts, I'd say that gameplay demos are actually the best way to judge a game, and let's not forget that these demos are always picked as being the best that the games have to offer. They're a form of advertisement used to promote the game and get...

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Protip: To defeat the cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.

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Haha yeah, people preorder like clueless sheep and surprise surprise, when the game doesn't work or isn't anything like what was advertised, they start complaining. Then they go preorder the next game like idiots.

I haven't bought a game at launch for a long time now, and I never will again. There's literally no negatives to waiting a week or two after the release of a game to see how reviews/tech analysis/online holds up, and you often save money in the proce...

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Yeah, because anyone who complains about the service they pay for not working correctly is obviously a troll, right? Typical fanboy drivel. Let's blindly defend the companies that are taking our money for a service they can't be bothered to provide, or invest in enough to ensure stability.

It just goes to show how pathetic some people are that they instantly resort to calling people trolls just because they expect PSN to work correctly. Jesus.

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That's just a rumor. The same rumor said that Icebreaker had been removed from Xur's inventory for the same reasons but he sold it a couple weeks ago.

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Yeah, the constant downtime is inexcusable. Sony decided to lock multiplayer behind the PS+ paywall with the PS4 but they obviously don't want to use any of the $50million per month PS+ profit to provide a service that actually works with some semblance of reliability.

Seriously, the PSN used to be decent during the PS3 era but right now it's a complete joke of a service, with the added insult that we now have to sign up to PS+ if we want to play multiplayer.

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I lost a lot of faith in them when after a prolonged period of incredibly slow development, they suddenly announce a free-to-play racing game that they'd been working on in secret while people who funded Project CARS were wondering why development on the game had slowed to a crawl.

They suddenly they reveal this free-to-play racer with a whole bunch of completed city tracks to race around in (while tracks in Project CARS had seen little to no updates for a long time) and ...

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Uncharted 4 is due out this year, you don't hire designers this late into the development of a game. The likely scenario is that they're hiring for another project which is just starting out, which is probably a sequel to The Last of Us.

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The way he described it made it sound like traditional demos...

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I like the game and I'm glad I bought the remaster but yeah, Naughty Dog did some pretty underhanded things if you look at it objectively. Unfortunately, many people here will obsessively defend Naughty Dog no matter what (see the pathetic 'Naughty Gods' obsessive fanboy worship).

One thing that particularly irked me about The Last of Us is the introduction of pay to win DLC. As a big fan of the multiplayer in this game, I found that both frustrating and really di...

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Unfortunately Microsoft and Sony don't value their customers enough to take into account the vast amount of digital content people purchased on 360/PS3. There should be systems in place to allow it, but unfortunately there aren't. Instead, Microsoft decided to ignore it completely and infamously state, "You must be backwards to want backwards compatibility" and Sony has opted to charge ridiculous fees to stream content you've already bought. It's a sorry situation, r...

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I think you're onto something there, Sillicur. I've noticed that all the negativity surrounding The Order 1886 comes from people who've actually played the game, which can only mean one thing, the entire gaming media are Xbox One fanboys that are pushing an agenda hard. It's astonishing to think that the only people who've played this game and are thus qualified to pass opinion on whether it's good or bad are all Xbox fans.

What was Sony thinking?! Why...

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I wonder if morganfell felt the compulsion to fight negative articles surrounding games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs, Destiny etc?

I mean by his logic, surely it must be impossible that any game is disappointing or bad, or lacking in certain areas and such. Oh, but wait, he only feels the need to defend The Order 1886, not any of these other games that have received heavy criticism.

I wonder why that is? What makes The Order 1886 different from a...

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Another pathetic attempt at damage control from Abriael.

Gee, who should we trust? All the people who've played the game and say it's bad, or this Abriael guy who hasn't played it but insists that it's excellent? The same Abriael that's a well known Sony-obsessed PS4 fanboy with such little credibility that he's got his Dualshockers site banned from places such as NeoGAF because of how blatantly biased it is.

Dualshockers/Abriael is a ...

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You're making the right choice, I think. Everyone who's played The Order says it's terrible, and everyone who's played Bloodborne says it's excellent.

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LOL. You hit the nail on the head, I could tell this was going to be a DualShockers article before I even clicked on it. I was hoping I'd be wrong but nope, that site is just an endless stream of garbage.

Great way to build up heat for an article, though? Oh yeah, let's get everyone arguing over two racing games exclusive to different consoles!

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Yeah, if it's down because of the streaming service then it's Sony's fault for not boosting the network to accommodate the increased load.

Oh, but let me guess, apparently there's nothing that Sony could have done to prevent this, because all the constant service interruptions are never their fault?


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