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That movie is awesome, freaks me out everytime though even though i know its not real lol

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spiders >.> arachnaphobia starting to kick in

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I have never viewed Resident Evil as a survival horror, the first was hilarious the second and 3rd were good but it loses its scare when they give you guns...They need to make Silent Hill more like 2 instead of what they have been doing =/

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you know, despite what reviews say I'm really enjoying this game. Yeah the combat is a little arcaic but thats not the focus, and the graphics may look like a ps2 title but it is a 10$ download title I don't expect uncharted 3 graphics (which also don't make the game) so I'm enjoying, honestly don't see peoples problems with it, pretty fair review good job

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Great, highly enjoyed FF13 though I still want to know how they are going to work the ending to make a sequel. keep hearing mixed things about the story and from the demo it was great additions and fixes. week and a couple days left =]

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yeah it was a great game no doubt but the story is where is fell apart for me, they started with a good concept with his char development but it felt like they concentrated on the action sequences and fitting the plot to them instead of the other way around. They asked some questions or brought up something from Drake's past but seemed to drop it shortly after, and they could have elaborated what happened between him and elena (probubly butchered her name)

again i highl...

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A demo? yes's been to long since Leon was in the picture (not counting the cqi movies)

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There good, Uncharted 3 was kinda ify but seeing the uncharted 2 team was working on LOF i can forgive them. Hopefully LOF will be something more than just generic zombie game

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Interested, but be more of Leon and less of Chris please and also leaving the coop gone forever will be nice but I'm guessing from comments above that will only remain a wish

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looks decent, its got Leon so it is already a step in the right direction but they should leave Chris out (never liked him). Although from some of the comments it seems there is coop which is still a step in the wrong direction =/ guess i'll have to wait for more info

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