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The PS2 is such a cash cow for Sony why should they get rid off it?? They're still selling millions of systems 7-8 years into it. ALL PS3's will become backward compatible. When the PS2 does finally ride off into the sunset, Sony will release an upgrade to the firmware that will "unlock" the backward compatibility emulation to play your PS2 games on the cheaper "core" system. Sony just gives you the choice to pay $100 to have it now or pay $100 less and wait for it.

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Actually they DID need something exclusively big because all they have is Gears 2. Halo Wars is not coming until 2009.

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You are a diluted new avatars?? so what? you can dress 'em up??? your mom doesn't let you dress yourself yet?? Netflix deal?? you can do that on a PC now. share a movie with your "party"? your mom doesn't let you have your friends over to watch movies? or are you an incredible loser that your only "friends" are off a list on xbox live? Gears looked good, Fable2 looked boring as pi$$, The B-movie game??? you're kidding right? M$ owns stake in NBC/Universal, M...

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that is all 3 conferences were not mind blowing, Nintendos just sucked. Did anyone see them on G4? could that network B-low M$ anymore? I thought that no talent Morgan Webb was going to start diddling herself over Gears footage. All she can say is " thats amazing ", " let me interrupt everyone and say AMAZING again" After the Sony conference they looked like "meh....Sony just showed 99% exclusive titles so what" After the M$ show they were " OMG did you see...

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This article is lame,first off the title is misleading on N4G, it leaves out "on winning the console war" not on the PS3 like it would lead some (read:trolls) to believe. the fact they're not losing $ on PS3 production after less than 2 yrs is stunning considering the hardware you're getting. The numbers were at a cost of $400 6 mos ago in Jan, which I'm sure will be costing even less now, so the possibility of turning profit on the console is there, albeit slim. They don't need to ...

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Are you kidding me!!!!! How can anyone take anything you say seriously? YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL for God's sake!!! Open zone is that way ----> for your fanboy trolling....

btw....Halo 3 & Mass Effect not surpassed graphically on PS3? oh wait I'm sorry you call it the SP3 with on effexcs...Please.

P.S. the spell check button is up there /\

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While I do agree that a demo may not be a good thing for this game because people are expecting the world from this one and I don't think its going to deliver, I hope it does because I like Silicon Knights offerings, but I'm leary. Nonetheless I loved the GRID demo, I had the PS3 demo,it made me want the game, I never came across any glitches. I wasn't looking for a super realistic racer either, I have GT5P so I didn't want a "realistic" racer maybe that had something to do with it...

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I think Kojima was saying he was hoping for worldwide day 1 sales to hit 1M, if these numbers are close and we add in Japan where it did well and Europe where I'm sure it was big as well, I think MGS4 may have hit Hideos magic number.

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First off, bubbles for you my friend for not posting a 'nasim, firstknight, themart' comment or just hitting the disagree button.
While I agree that these were new technologies, I think my point was that Sony was willing to take the risk to add new 'unproven' technologies with HDMI & Bluray, the Cell etc. but they weathered the storm, they took huge criticism from everyone but now look like such an innovator by having these items as standard. Granted it was Sony that kept pushing ...

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There should be no difference, but when publishers (ea, cough-cough) are just looking to make a quick buck, they are more than likely just just re-converting lines of code and doing just enough optimizing to get it to run to save $$$ and make a few bucks off that shotty port, then yes it will be inferior. If you have a separate team that knows cell programming, that can optimize code and assets as they are done by a main team then you will have results like COD4, if your team is comprised of ...

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They gave this game a 3 out of 5????? and they gave Haze 2 out of 5. Ridiculous. I rented this (on PS3) and its AWFUL. The graphics are last gen xbox1, the animation is subpar, there was nothing fun about it I thought, and I'm a QUAKE fan AND was looking forward to this game. I'm sorry but Haze looks better, plays better, had better online play than Quake Wars. I'm really starting to wonder about xplay lately.

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I wasn't too hyped up about these arcade remakes but this one has got me interested, it reminds me ALOT of Under Defeat for the dreamcast which is an absolute great shooter and shows what the DC could've been. * sigh *

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M$ should lower the cost of ALOT of those XBLA games, and I'm sure more people would make those "impulse" purchases. $12+ for a pinball game with like 2 different tables? then charge me for each additional table? no thanks. I bought a pinball game for my wii with 10+ classic machines that were actually in arcades for $20. Most of the games on XBLA are either some kind of puzzle game or "re-done" old '80's arcade game for $10 a piece. Sorry M$, but most of those puzzle game...

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Open zone is that way -----> for all you fanboys to b!tch slap each other.

Bottom line is all gamers will have BOTH in their libraries. BOTH will be great and both will be on my shelf DAY1.

Disagrees will only be noted as jealous fanboys who can't have BOTH...go in the corner over there ----> and _____ yourself

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The thing about the GTAIII series was it had that silly humor that made you laugh through the game, it never took itself seriously. GTA IV doesn't have that same kind of humor, I don't think, it just feels likes its trying to be a tougher, grittier game, and thats when it bores me. The humor kept me playing through some of those tedious missions. The only funny thing about IV is the cousins voice reminds me of the Milosh character from Seinfeld. Oh well.

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actually Haze did really well considering how it was getting slammed. 122K+ in really 4 days is not bad at all. I bought the game, and am enjoying it. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it going to change the face of the PS3? No. Its a regular FPS with a fun co-op element included with a convoluted story about the state our world today and its perceptions.

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I agree with you too Jack.....maybe thats why SONY didn't put one in the box. If its there, the idiots will use it. Or maybe they were cheap, either way its keeping PSN normal for the time being. Heres a bubble too.

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With these new developments I have a HUGE question.....

Where are P.O.G and gaystation3????

Let me cut and paste an excerpt from a previous GS3 post.....


2K games said there will be no Bioshock on PS3
Ken Levine said there would be no Bioshock on PS3

One more time.



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If you're going to disagree, at least respond. Am I getting disagrees because I ruffled someones feathers saying Halo isn't great??? Is another 12yr old mad? please don't take it out on live by yelling homophobic racial slurs about someones mom during a match thinking you're "too cool" because you're a level 620 trillion and everyone else is such a "noob" for you to "pwn"

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If hype is indeed a factor, why didn't Halo get slammed somewhat? The single player was mediocre, the graphics were no better than Gears or Bio. The multiplayer was good but we seen it in Halo2. Yet it was hailed as the second coming.....why?? Halo was a 6.5-7 /10 tops, but everyone gave it 9.5 & 10 BULL. Bioshock took a hit for not having multiplayer.....does every game NEED deathmatch?? Can't we just play a great single player experience? People said Uncharted was great but had no mult...

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