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Yep, I'm finally switching to Sony after 10 years on Xbox. The Xbox Exclusives were WAY to slow last Gen, always drooling about everything PS4 had.

So I'll get a PS5 and use my Xbox account on my PC when they drop a good exclusive (which is like 1 or 2 every November)

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The Devs for No Man Sky really made up for it. That game is amazing these days with loads of free content.

I hope CDPR does the same thing here.

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Have you seen the double dodge double jump boost thing? It's incredible, you can jump across the tallest buildings and do some really cool stuff with it.

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To me the movement in the game felt so stale and awkward until you unlock double jump. The environment and mechanics were designed for double jump, and they lock it behind hours of grinding.

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It's really no different than the new trend of toys for even Younger kids, with the "surprise eggs" and stuff. They make parents buy the same toy 15 times to try and get their kid the one toy they actually wanted.

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Ironic how this game is about taking down corporate sellouts that exploit the common man.

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I know, right?

Nvidia, "Here's our new product and the November release date.... And 3 months later we will actually start manufacturing it."

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Great news for the bots and scalpers. They'll be making even more money next year.

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Game runs great on a High powered PC. I'm all good right now.

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Agreed. I'm playing on PC GE Force Now, still a very buggy game ut the visuals look fantastic.

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I got it for my PC and was experiencing all the same issues. I have a Gtx 970 so it should easily handle it at med/high...
Then I played it on GE Force Now on Ultra, and the game looks and runs great.

I think they did this on purpose to push people to their cloud gaming services.

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I'm playing it on PC, the game is frustrating glitchy. Lots of latency, pop ins, sometimes the graphics look like card board.

So it's not just the consoles that are suffering. I'm gonna put this game down until another patch is released. It's really ruining the experience.

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I was also referring to the DOZENS of negative comments above, as well. I was asking a sincere question. You need to relax.

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^^^^ "He's an angry elf"

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I see a lot of people disagree with you comment... Why do so many people around here want this game to fail?

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This review is rushed at best, and he spends an uncomfortable amount of time complaining that there isn't enough "transgender" content... As if that's some bar we really need raised (based on the percentage of people in the world that are actually trans)...

I give this review a 4/10, and will reserve judgment for more thorough and genuine reviewers.

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I disagree. People with this mindset have been claiming "every" Xbox generation was probably the last, or next to last.... Xbox makes Microsoft HUNDREDS of millions of dollars. The "console war" is won by Sony AND Microsoft every generation. They BOTH laugh their way to the bank.

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I love it. I have a gaming PC so I can get a PS5 and still play Exclusives for Xbox.

It's all a part of Microsoft's revenue stream though. They much prefer to have you pay for Xbox Live monthly, than have you buy a console one time.

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In one article, Playstation lovers claim we need "exclusive" games because it creates competition between consoles.... Then in this article, those same people cheer for Playstation to dominate Xbox and make the competition go away.

It seems as if logic has left the building.

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I can't afford two consoles. I've had Xbox so long, I'd lose soooooo much content if I switched to PS5 (which I am considering).

Exclusives just exclude gamers, or corner them into buying every brand of console.

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