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Why are we even pretending like this is notable News?

The Assassin's Creed franchise has been doing this exact thing since origins.

People didn't really complain enough then, and they are not now.

Also ubisoft's optional purchases are quite often quite forgetable, at least to me.

1. They are often way over top and don't fit the world.

2. They are usually never any form of power incre...

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Sure. Their claim is that his evidence is selective and don't show the full picture. I am inclined to believe that claim as quite likely. As mick will only have an incentive to show evidence that shows his case in a better light.

My point was, even if that was true, this still makes Bethesda look bad. Especially because of this claim of targeted harrasment.

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Well I am No expert on this topic. But wasn't mick gordon's post in response to a reddit post by someone at ID throwing mick under the buss for their issues with the OTS release and thus pointing a lot of threats and harassment towards Mick.

I mean No matter the truth of the case, this post seems to lack self-awareness.

I mean even if Mick is to blame. They were the ones that hung him out publically first... So the cries about harassment comes of ...

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Hmm. The New ones, very much, keep a lot of the "DNA" of the older titles. Much more than many reviews and/or commentators are leading many to believe.

I don't know exactly what you mean by soectacle fighters, but I would say the fighting system in the New er titles is as much spectacular as the old ones.

In fact it was, to me, one of the pleasent suprises of the New ones. How much it more it felt like god of war than f. Ex. Dark souls desp...

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Yep. Which was even the case with several big games like f. Ex. Splinter Cell and Dead or Alive.

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While you can do that. If blizzard doesn't recieve the funds for product sold they can and probably will cancel your account. So if players want to keep playing this or any other battle.net title this is not a good solution.

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This article isn't really saying anything. It's Just a stream of random thoughts that seem either unrelated or contradicting.

I. E. The closest we get to an argument here is "Sony doesn't care about it's legacy because certain old titles/franchises are not Currently available on Ps5" followed by "Sony only cares about profit and is therefore investing in old franchises instead of original ones"

This contradiction, which...

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Now I haven't looked to much into it, but I do think gotham knights left the old combat out this time around.. Only seen snippets myself so don't quote me on that. At least what they showed off looked more ability and cool down based than the rock paper scissor design of yesteryear.

That is besides the point though so I digress.

I think you are hitting on something that is true. We see a lot of rose-tinted glasses in much of media in general, and ...

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Technically this team did make one of the Arkham games, namely origins. But I can understand someone not counting it. As I myself never managed to play it more than a couple of hours. It certainly lacked something.

And this does seem to be a spiritual successor at the very least.

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While I feel like that sentiment rings true most of the time. I do feel like you are underselling the original Arkham Asylum. A game that did something akin to what from soft did with demon souls. That of making a masterful implementation of a "genre-defining" mechanic that inspired a whole genre.

The combat of the first Arkham game was so masterful and has yet to be overdone, even by rocksteady themselves.

If we look to a closely related franch...

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Such a random pointless article... How did this get approved?

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This makes no sense. Almost feels as if the author is trying to justify some kind of counter-culture backlash to some of the overpolarizing backlash that Part 2 recieved.

Most of these arguments are all about "I feel this" and "I feel that". However ultimately the article is arguing that they should have refocused the story on Ellie's perspective over Joel's.

Whicg makes no sense narratively and would ultimately diminish the ...

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You have no basis for saying 22% is alot or even fair.

The problem is more about the Future of gaming.

You cannot claim that gamepass is good value and at the same time say devs get payed well. The system only works as long as the number of adopters is low. As such the idea that one should buy into gamepass because it is good value is flawed. The system can only survive an increase in popularity bu either removing revenue from the benefactors (publishers ...

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The title is quite misleading. It clearly indicates that the argument is one of historic accurracy. But that is not what is being argued at all. Rather one of focus in story telling.

The more correct title would be. "RDR2 has a better story mode than AC". Something No one disagreed with ever and is way late to the party.

Pointless article with a clickbait title.

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I was so hyped for this game. Since it was anounced as True Crime: Hong Kong.

But it did not live up to my expectations. The melee combat is ok, and perhaps to a lesser degree the parkour.

Everything else is terrible. The driving is weird, super arcadey and not fun. The progression system is designed around extremely lazy map clearing of a ton of collectibles and the City lacks purpose outside said map clear. Everything also feels dead.

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Considering trends in other markets, video and music, this does make some sense, however there are a couple of caveats that makes this unlikely to happen in the next few generations at least.

For one, the technological advances on digital sound and video formats is way beyond the recurve of diminishing returns. As such whatever loss in quality of streaming is minimal at best.

And while the recurve on real time graphics technology for sure have started. We...

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Man the console war flames being fed in this comment field, on both sides, is insane.

I see one issue Microsoft would have in leveraging COD to create game pass incentives without exclusivity.

Namely COD's numbers show that the appeal of that franchise trancends the general market trends. I. E. It is a fact that many, if not most, COD players buy very few other games. As such the value of a subscription service like game pass is less for the potential...

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I am not sure this actually counts as plagiarism. Activision owns the character the fan art is a derivative of. Taking inspiration does not count as plagiarism. One would have to copy work that someone Else has ownership over and pass it off as their own.

Legally this seems to be fine, as long as actual assets were not taken, which seems unlikely.

It is perhaps bad form though. But that is nothing New for activision.

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There are a few differences though. It Costs money, so it is generating revenue for someone. It seems to have used assets from the actual game both of which clearly meets the standards of a copyright claim.

All Sony needs to do is ask Microsoft to remove it and/or send a seize and desist. Not really a lot of work.

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The game was surely a technical disaster When it comes to the console release.

However anyone that did not like the game because it was not enough this or that. Clearly expected the game to be something different than what they set out to make.

It is clearly the most effective and immersive cyberpunk world created to date.

Is the game perfect? Of course not, but if one cannot appreciate Cyberpunk 2077 fot what it was, I highly doubt tha...

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