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Imagine what naughty dog would do on a modern high end pc that's already 2+ gens ahead of consoles in terms of horsepower. I'm sure naughty dog could run Samaritan tech demo level graphics easily on 1 gtx580 when epic needed 3 they are very good programmers.

If you think this looks good run Max Payne 3 PC maxed out completely blows this out of the water something you need to behold for yourself and not use compressed youtube vids even crysis 1 beats this not running...

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Halo 4 is looking amazing will be the best 360 exclusive to date that's what happens with the type of talent MS hired when creating the studio.

343i and MAYBE Turn 10 are Microsoft ONLY solid studios. They need to buy or create more... or overhaul some of their existing studios.

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really ? so there are actually ps3 exlusives with big worlds ? B.S all consoles only allow for small scripted environments LOL PC FTW!!!!

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Witcher 2 pc looks more than a gen beyond anything this and anything on consoles maxed out high res.

But for old hardware it does look impressive imagine what Santa Monica would do if they coded for a modern high-end pc which is 2+ generations ahead of consoles.

Even next gen consoles wont' be as powerful as modern high end pcs or maybe even modern midrange pcs for that matter.


I'm not saying consoles don'...

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why didnt you try the pc version ? makes all console games including UC3 look worse than a ps2 game maxed out. The pc version at lowest settings 720p even looks better than just about ANY console game :/

Crysis 2 on consoles tried to do things consoles just CANT do thats why the frame rate was crappy and had pop-in problems. PC is already over 2 genearations ahead of consoles


Attacking be because of VIDEOGAMES ? really ? By the...

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pc >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>co nsole
(2+generations ahead)

intact pc hardware is now effectively 2+ generations ahead of console hardware in terms of horsepower but of course devs dont take advantage of PC. I is now possible to run Samaritan tech demo REALTIME on 1 kepler MID-RANGE gpu the high end keplers aren't out yet I'm sure t...

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I can imagine what samaritan tech demo would look like if optimized for 3 gtx 680s it would blow the current footage out of the water.

A single gt 680 is literally 70-80x more powerful than console graphics processing hardware if properly optimized for lol

PC>>>>>>> ;>>>>console

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The demo they showed doesn't look as good as uncharted 3 at its best and that is still 5 years behind pc. the ps3 will NEVER be able to match bulletstorm pc running 1600p full AA full AF its simply not powerful enough and neither is 360.

Battlefield 3 maxed out makes david cage's demo look worse than a ps2 game but that's because Cage doesn't have powerful hardware to work with I'm sure he'll be able to blow BF3 pc away net gen if ps4 is bleeding edge....

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LOL exactly PC is over a generations ahead of consoles.

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Has been possible on pc since 2006 :/ with new consoles maybe pc hardware will finally be utilized and optimized for properly

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LOL damage control.

Anyway I'll still be getting vita because its the best handheld ever unfortunately some people don't realize that(that's why its not selling much more)


Can't believe anyone would take a 3ds over vita when its clearly worth the extra money

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If ps3 can make dreams come true and is not even as powerful as a dual gpu high end pc from 2005 what can a modern high end pc equipped with the latest hd 7970 gpu do ? a 7970 powered high end pc will be about 2 GENERATIONS ahead of ps3/360 and he is so amazed about ancient console hardware ? the guy is ignorant.

Just about every AAA game released on pc over the past 4 years with max res, AA and AF blow uncharted 3 out of the water there are even a number of pc games that mak...

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It is MUTUALLY assured destruction if the U.S/NATO starts war with china and Russia(who are close allies) it will be the LAST war either side EVER engages in. why else do you think NATO didn't intervene when Russia invaded Georgia ? because NATO cannot win a war with Russia it will be the END of all mankind as the ENTIRE planet will be completely destroyed and made uninhabitable(nuclear radiation).

Just so you know NATO cannot even beat the Taliban in Afghanistan that o...

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The ps3 version has 10% higher framerate on average, better sound and higher quality cutscenes(thats why the ps3 version is 15gb while the 360 version is 8gb) so the ps3 version is best even though the 360 manages to match it in in-game graphics(which it couldn't do with ff-13)

They both seem to be running at same resolution this time(full 720p) but they might have change the AA to a post process based AA method rather than MSAA I'm not really sure we'll have to ...

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The games looks generic and crappy the "last of us" seems a lot more interesting. Cliffy B will likely fail with this the way he failed with bullestorm :/

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The trailer is per-rendered not real gameplay footage. You think those visuals are amazing ? LOL red faction Armageddon on pc maxed and even RAGE(without unlocking advanced settings) out DESTROYS even looks last gen in comparison to pc games like battlefield 3, crysis 2, metro 2033, GTA IV with mods, shogun 2, crysis 1 with mods and a few others

For a console the per-rendered trailer looks amazing but by pc standards theres nothing amazing about it even crysis 1 high settings...

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the trailer was PER-RENDERED not IN-GAME. No gameplay footage was used in the trailer so the entire trailer was all per-rendered footage(although in-game assets could have been used)

The trailer was rendered IN ENGINE on ps3 not in REAL-TIME on ps3 there is a difference.

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The trailer is pre-rendered not real-time so its not in-game. Gameplay videos are ingame trailers that don't use gameplay footage are pre-rendered. By the way how do you know its an open world setting from that trailer ? There is honestly no way to tell you're just making assumptions

No its not CGI no game comes close to CGI quality the closest games to CGI quality are BF3, Crysis 2 Directx 11, modded crysis 1, modded GTA IV and metro 2033 all max with Max AA, AF at ...

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LOL xbox1 never had overheating problems and only the older 360 models had terrible failure rates the jasper fat models and the newer slim models fixed the overheating issue so it shows the MS can make reliable hardware when the take their time.

They rushed 360 to get it in the market a year before ps3 remember ? that's what caused the RROD issue if they had just taken their time to design properly and launched in 2006 RROD probably wouldn't exist but they didn't....

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I signed in to live on PC, accepted the terms of use then signed in to live on console and it worked. I like the new dashboard.

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