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I think the ps3 exclusive are held at a different standard the other platforms. And are reviewed as such. I truly understand this, because I do too. But sometimes it gets out of hand. As in ths case. The guy review is contradictive to his score he give.

8.7 for story
But uses statement like "promises of what come drives you forward," to describe what he feel while playing the game. He also said it was too much and sometime feel like you watching an obtuse scien...

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I think they need bluray. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All I what to know is: Do they take in account the return and replacements. Because the numbers jumped at the end of may for the 360. Which could mean one of two things.

1. GTA 4 boosted their numbers in sales. OR
2. GTA 4 boosted their numbers in failures. Which in turn, it could have effected their numbers. Its been reported that GTA4 has cause problem for ps3 and 360. And in the 360 case causing the rrod.

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Is it just me, or is it that people are trying to find something negative about the ps3 now. I guest back in 07' that was the trend, now its really scarce. Man I love my ps3!!!!!!! :p

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Once again, this just shows what a beast the ps3 is

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In another Sony announcement made today, it appears that two games being developed by the internal London studios have now been potentially canned. The Getaway and Eight Days are now out of production, thanks to budgetary redistribution. have the full statement from Sony, in which they state that "this decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this yea...

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It either naughty dog or insomniac. Amy Henning and Ted Price, both from their respective companies, praised the game in this month EGM. IMO I think it's one of these companies, so you know its a must buy for ps3.

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What was the reason i bought a xbox360 for again????????????. Man it good being ps3 owner and it getting better by the day. :p

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Online gaming should be for all for a numbers of reasons

1. We already pay to be online though your ISP.
2. Gaming online for ps3 and cpu are free.
3. We already paid for the console and wifi adapter, Live should be included.

Now i know a lot of you are going to say Ps3 and Cpu online play has nothing on live. And I can debate you on it. Also most of you would agree that they all have one thing in common. (online gaming) So why don't Ms just charge...

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Im using Nero 7. Ive tried everything in the book to try and fix it. Have 2 ps3s: one wired and one wireless, and both of them freezes for one or two seconds when streaming movies form my computer. And it is mp4 files. All other files work fine.

Router-Linksys WRT54g
Not being able to stream movies-Fckn killing me

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That's exactly what I was talking about. I never said that it shouldn't be posted. I'm just responding to:

"you are going to see a lot more of this until the PSN is made more secure, why do you think MS chose a closed network."

Ya'll fanboys are just stupid.
My logic is how are you going to bash the psn when the live has/had the same problem.

OH! FYI... I don't have a console of choice, because I have the option of all three.

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Xbox live had the same issues. Somebody hack xbox live stealing you account and gamertag. Now that its happen to psn it a big issues. And psn is Now bu11sh:t? Wow..... This really shows you that being bias can make you blind and sometimes a retard.

Heres a couple of links for ya'll non believers

not a fanboy in anyway.... but think about it
before i continue my gamrtag is nvisibobully i've been a member since 06 of feb...!!!!

xbox360 had atleast a 33% failure rate... right or wrong????
from personal exp. im on my third one. they sold what 17 mil? so 33% percent of 17 million is 5.61 mil.

let say 1/3 was replace by ms(1.85 x 399 per console)... over 1 bil in warranty plan. WHICH WAS STATED BY MISCROSOFT

so 2/3 was replaced by ...

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There is only one true purpose for these comparisons, and it not to see which version is the best. Its to create flame wars and to get digs on your site. And for the most part, gamers only have one console anyway. So buy the freakin game for your respective console. F-ing case close. No winners in this matter.

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Is this what we have come to except, get it out patch later. To me, it seems like this a growing trend. Devs need to push the game back and get the sht together. Especially if the game has bug that makes it unplayable. And for him to make a statement like that, thats telling me; We have problems, but so what, we're still shipping the product flawed and all.

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Look, if they cant afford to work on the ps3 then don't. Me personally, I don't want no bs port of any kind. At this point and time in the game, if its too much work and money then don't try. Hell even ea have turn a leaf. Take a look at burnout.

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If you don't already have San Andreas and Vice City, it better to pick up the 360 version. Other then that, it all the same in terms of contents.

I'm Pretty sure that if you have a ps3, you probably had/have a ps2. So if it's safe to assume that, then you can also assume, you have or played both San Andreas and Vice City. So if this the only content that is/was paid for to be exclusive. IMO, MS made a stupid deal. So with that said, If xbox doesn't have any other content I wil...

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if i not mistaking, but didnt mircosoft say;

You don't need hdmi (now all xboxs have hdmi)

You don't need a hdd (burnout require hdd for online play)

Blu Ray? why the hell would you need blu ray (its coming!!!!)

It seem to me that their just mimicing the ps3. what next wifi included. Damn if you really think about it, if it wasnt for xbox live. The xbox360 would be a poor man version of the ps3.

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