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SEGA became INSANELY lazy sometimes terrible developers when they became 3rd party

when they had their own console they HAD to try now they don't do much at all

how many GOOD games has SEGA THEMSELVES made this gen?
all anyone will say is valkrya chronicles because everything else with the SEGA logo someone else makes

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i actually saw transformers 3 in 3D and i was actually REALLY disappointed
3D so wasn't worth the extra 6 dollars

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they were making less money during the N64/GC era than they are now so i doubt they are going to be crippled anytime soon

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they would just move on and have to try again harder

neither the n64 or the GC were hot and that was in a row

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its not talking out of his ass ps3 sales were 1.8

i really hope you guys can't seriously be dying that

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it is hate when you take the time to go into every (insert nintendo article here) and bash (inset nintendo product here) over and over again

all the 1 bubblers in here don't have 1 bubble for nothing

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why would thy go back to the n64 days? the days where they were most ignored?

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i thought it was 20 for both pffft you can get the wii version of RE4 if you have a wii that is for less than 10

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i never said it didn't but if it was simply because the vita was releasing a price drop would have happened already or closer to the vita launch window

the 3DS isn't selling good at all and vita wont even most likely release until next year so implying the vita is the sole cause for a price drop RIGHT NOW doesn't make any sense

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if your not trolling that just makes you look either sad or idiotic
at least trolls do it for the luls

you say nintendo is garbage and must die you complain about the past 20 years but you were dumb enough to buy the 3DS? um excuse me but what?
how much sense does that make?

its like me going out and buying protoype even though i hate it and activision

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how can it be before vita launches when its said vita might not even release this year?

also how can the same thing happen to the wii u when that isn't even overpriced or even has a price or a list of launch tittles?

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WOAH i was going to pick one up 2 weeks from now talk about a serious treat 80 dollars in my pocket makes me happy

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what are you talkigg about? they were too cheap to make this on the 3DS or any other console before this
why would they increase costs to make it on the VITA?

as for you jelly im not talking about just right now
they have had 11 years to make legends 3 and countless consoles to make it on some with massive instal bases like the ps2/wii/ds
all of which are and were capable of making a game like legends

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capcom never listens to petition

i would rather sign my signature on a big giant F YOU delivered to capcom

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if there was no audience for it then why bother announcing it and hyping it up for months

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if that was the case they would have made it for the ps2/ds/wii where there is/was an even larger audience

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the 3DS is cheaper and easier to develop for than the VITA it uses a very similar architecture to the original DS

vita being the most dev friendly handheld/console sony has ever made doesn't automatically = more cheaper and easy that the 3DS IF that is what your were trying to say

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meh seeing this after the legends 3 cancellation just feels like a giant middle finger to my face

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how is a CONTROLLER a poor mans vita when you have to buy an entire console that will most likely cost more than the vita

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