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ll pc crowd are phatetic

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It is not that imminent ,.. probably by Christmas 2020,.. so more than a year,.. Would wait for this christmas though,.. Might be a real pricedrop this year,..

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500eur cpus 'running' 12Yold games Intel i9 9900k @13 fps,.. Not impressed just yet,.. Still love they are improving it,..

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absolutely love this game (but than again I liked it day 1,..even though it crashed like every 20 minutes) Game that relaxes like nothing else,.. Actually thinking of getting PSVR just for this,...

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Maybe he should have stayed in the movie business,.. or change the script writer,.. Haven't finished Shadow yet,.. but damn is this game's story and premise retarded on so many levels,..

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From what I've seen it is more or less same game as the other 3,.. Might as well actually finish one of them :)

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Obama is the worst president in US history,.. and Hilary would have started WW3 already,..

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He did not say such a thing,.. he said that US venerates culture of violence everywhere including games,.. and that is the truth,..

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Because it is conceptually simple and lets your imagination actually work, when going on adventure,.. If Tetris is a perfect game in terms game design,.. The Minecraft is close to the metal in terms of letting imagination take primary position, because of simple aesthetics.,.. It is really great.

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Agnostic talks about knowledge and worth (those are universal moral claims),.. You could not even argument the base supposition of your statement. You are completely irrational and illogical. Sorry ,.. but that is a fact.
Wish you well in your pursuit of truth.

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It is the entire culture that has gone insane,..Worshiping Mamon and violence since birth, 24/7 programming and brainwashing,.. SSRIs, tainted food,,.. Atomatization of society for profit,.. Guns are the least of today's problems.

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It is called the great Satan, by some, for a reason,.. The whole culture is very questionable,.. Society where God is Mamon,.. 3/4 of people are on SSRIs, eat shit and chemicals, Children are indoctrinated with Hollywood and violence form the age of 2(this cannot be good for child's development,..anyway you put it) , people are dehumanized by the media and education 24/7,..Government is filled by homos and pedos,..Starting wars for profit all the time,.. But still Americans keep your gu...

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Not sales whise,.. PES was always a better footbal game though (even the half assed ones, just play and feel better)

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It is the whole Western culture that is fk. up.

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Don't know why,.. but I personally enjoyed SE3 more of some reason,.. Own 4 allready,.. but am very happy with Wipeout,..

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Wish they got IOI ,..Just playing Hitman (never seemed to find the motivation for it,.. it's been just sitting there for almost two years,..) Damn WHAT a game,.. Think I will get the second season/game also,..

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15 pages and gamingbolt,.. cannot decide which is worse,..

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hope pes comes some other time but I have 18 or 17 one ,.. so ,.. I like the decision.

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As much as I love PES,.. one or two footbal games per generation is enough for me,.. I am actually quite pleased with this.

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Wore implementation I've ever seen,.. guess it just does not work all that great on every engine

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