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I could not care less how it actually looks like,.. (though hope it looks cool as PS4/ps4Pro) I just hope it is quieter and stable :)

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BluePoint, IOI,..don't care for much else.

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Id give it to Days Gone or Sekiro, neither of them are perfect,..but that is just my taste in games,..

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Who can pee 15 meters,.. That is ridiculous,..

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It looks really purrty,.. Still very skeptical of the game part

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Welcome home,.. Now get IOI ,..

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Bloodborne, Demon's souls, DKS1,DKS3,DKS2 (DkS2 is actually really great,.. just not on the same level)
DKS1 in terms of NSCs and NPC interactions though,..

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Make it dirt cheap ,..

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@Harmy ,.. Doubt any PC game was designed with SSD in mind as a secondary low access slower ram,.. So yes this is probably going to change a few things in game design,.. Probably not day one,.. but elevator rides and choke points in games,.. will be less pervasive,. Magic of hiding loading behind some cutscenes will probably change in games in general,..

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Any news of PS5 from Germany this week? Really thinking of actually taking a train to Köln to see whatsup.

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Really need to get psVR one of these days,.. Love the game,.. almost wish I could play unpatched version (you guys remember that strange digital effect it used to have at 1.0 when drawing in the image,..I kinda liked that,.. The only problem I had with that aesthetics was piss poor performance and crashing every 10 minutes,.. but I liked how strange and raw it looks)

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We have no clue about Gpu and February is old news,..

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Don't know how knack 2 is (only played the demo and just did not click with me), but Knack 1 is one hell of a fun game (maybe a bit too hard on hard,.. but fun and mechanically rich enough. It almost ratchet quality if not better in some oldschool ways.

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Well streaming goes trough internet,.. So unless you have insane DL speeds,.. the bitrate suffers,.. Than again if the movie is in 1080p it is probably going to look like crap anyway,.. There is a reason why 4K content is still pretty rare and 4K vids are incredibly large,.. Things will get better in the future,..
And connect your consoles trough the cable and not wifi,.. You need incredible bandwidth,.. It is basically 4X1080p to stream 4 K vids,..

Try the cables,...

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Are movies and content in 4 K to begin with ,.. for instance 4K movie you download from sites,.. Like if they are quality with great bitrate are in 40-50Gigs sizes,.. don't know how exactly it streams 4K Tv channels,.. but they do look great,..

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totally depends on the size of your tv everything over 60" 4k is preferred over 1080p and how close you sit while gaming

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Like every gen,.. More $ into perception building, propaganda, spin and obfuscation than actual game development,.. Like US society in general,..

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I love epic games store,..Got like 20 a,amazing games for free already,.. almost ps plus xblx live type of things,.. and it is completely free,..

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A man with digestion problems, that lies 24/7?

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