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Wish for fromsoftware,.. (but that is probably impossible),.. IOI is possible,.. and I'd love that.

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I could not c less about Xbox next or xbox 1 Now that every game is on pc,.. I see no reason to buy a MS console at all,.. On 360,.. at lest you had Froza,Halo, Gears (relatively exclusive for some time), so you did not feel like a complete moron if you bought the machine,..Nowadays,..There is literally nothing that stays exclusive for long,.. basically 0 day for first party,..

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Cool I would like such a gift

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Starting to think Gamingbolt is just making shit up,as they go along,..Who have less clue about gaming industy and technology, than an avarage gamer. Fake it till you make it amateurs.

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666Ubisoft is shitty company,.. Always was

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HITMAN is pretty great,.. but it is old as hell and probably been on sale every 2 But it is what it is,.. months. Tekken and EDF are ok,.. It is what it is ,.. not great,.. but decent.

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They will love it because of this,.. (that is what worries me,.. but I don't look at these hypochritical sites at all.),.. but I have no doubt the game is going to be amazing, regardless of 2 gen feminism homo/sexual dysphoria crap, Druckmann is pushing, because he is himself a bit confused or brainwashed.

I really don't doubt the gameplay mechanics are going to rock,.. Just in terms of animation blending is so perfect,.. It is nothing we've ever seen in a game ...

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Actually looking forward to Darksiders 3,.. Reviewers gave it a lot of shit,.. but watching someone on youtube play it,.. it iooks pretty decent,.. Already have Dark night,.. (I need to finish one of these days) I got stuck in some hitcombo trail (probably need more unlocks or I just suck at Batman combat),.. so never finished it,.. It just did not click like the older Arkham games.

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What,.. By giving him like 8 years to work on a game? The hell is wrong with you,..

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What happens in October? You mean Brexit? Damn the BBC and your establishment, really brainwashed the living hell out of some Brits,.. Nothing will happen,.. But it is a big hit for EU bureaucracy and elites,..
I am actually really sad UK is leaving, because Farage was usually voice of reason in totally debouched EU idiots.

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For Honor was free on Epic store already,..We also got in on PS plus,.. Doubt anyone actually buys this game anymore,.. it has been like 5 years,..

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I know they are trying to protect the few and far indies that still come to the PSV,.. but it is just so damn late (Even in terms of years) and since not even PS Plus supported anymore,..They should just let people run homebrew for real,..

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Total global domination of PlayStation nation.

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They should get IOI (these games are really hardcore),.. Hope they could actuary buy from,.. but I don't think that is possible,..

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Incredible game,.. But how do you remaster game like that actually,.. Don't even know how I would remake it (because I would not want to change the gameplay at all)

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Well there are people that are so damn proficiency with controller, that can run circles around K&M players,.. but on average it is just much simpler to do really well with K&M.

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@DarXyde sensing truth I hope.

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Very cool for me but that is ridiculous,.. You have to split the servers,.. Though I know people who play on 20/20 sensitivity with controller and can snipe you while doing 720° air spins,.. they are very rare. Mouse is like giving a wheelchair to crippled,.. It is really nice,.. but to put them in the same lobby as people with standard interface is just wrong.
On consoles there was at least some fairness in terms of competition,.. they more or less have about the same type of...

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Because 2 .generation homo powered feminism is pushing their Satanic agenda on everyone,.. Though I liked the Chloe and Nadine in this game quite a lot,..(their banter kinda works)
I have serious issues where Naughty Dog is going with this girl power homo transgender crap and social engineering,.. Cannot wait for the last of us 2,.. but there is a clear agenda behind it,.. Lev was the only male protagonist and he is transgender boy or something,.. and was hand picked by Neil,.. Reall...

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Would much rather have this bigger box, that is kinda ugly,.. than having to listen to ventilator.

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