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A youtuber named Critikal bought it to see what the game was about. It was one map that took 1 minute to finish. That was it. So he refunded it. It was crazy the guy released an unfinished game for $200.

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RIP my dude

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And Paper Mario is the best 2D Mario game.

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COD:MW One Shot, One Kill always gives me nightmares when I think about it. Holy shit that level was so obnoxiously tough. It had 0 reason for being that tough.

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The servers are still up. But not nearly as many. I had the same idea as you to one day start Warhawk up again and see whats up. They're only like less than 10 servers and most of them are TDM which kinda got me bummed out. If they did remaster it on PS4 I would definitely buy it. No doubt.

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You should have her play the entire game and write updates for each session you have. That was a very interesting read! MOAR!

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I am thankful for my family and for the video game developers giving me my social life.

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Wait scary games are still a thing? Wow thats surprising!

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Yea Uncharted 4 and LBP3 are the games I am most excited for. Bloodborne looks pretty cool as well.

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For the People that do not want to go through each article here are the games:

15.LittleBigPlanet 3
14.Until Dawn
13.The Order: 1886
12.Journey HD
11.Everybody's Gone To The Rapture
10.Unnamed Quantic Dream Title
7.Ratchet & Clank Reboot
5.Grim Fandago HD
4.Deep Down
2.The Last Guardians
1.Uncharted 4

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Ooo looks cool! I guess I want it too!

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O yea thats awesome! Go N4G keep doing your amazing giveaways that I never win! Although worth a shot

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Yea it's like Half Life 1 & 2. I play those yearly now because they are amazing. But I have played TLOU around 3 times since I had gotten it. Playing on professional is a totally different game.

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I liked your review! Although I don't agree with your con of low replay-ability. Maybe this game is not very repayable right after you beat it but after around 3-5 months I would play it again. This is your opinion though & I respect that.

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Medium and GTA V WOOOT WOOT!

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I love The Last Of US!!!!!!! GO NAUGHTY DOG I want this COPY!

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Very Odd sir! Not everybody on this side is a fanboy for a console or a game series. Some people like everything!

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O god dial up! That was horrendous! The noises that it makes when its working ugh! Although it was definitely an interesting time.

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I agree dude! My ps3 is still my baby but my baby needs a parent to help him out. Soon kenshiro100 very soon....

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Pure beauty! I may have been born in the mid 90's although starting off playing games like Doom, Quake and seeing games today makes me appreciate how game have evolved so well!

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