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If it was owned by a Japanese company there is a strong chance it would have the worst netcode ever.

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Half-Life: Platinum Collection (Second Edition) packed a bigger punch in my opinion. Orange Box is no slouch though.

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Pretty interesting. Although the Anor Londo building at the end seemed pretty janky and out of place, everything else looked great!

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There really isn't much... very depressing. Even Elden Ring, which should have been a nextgen only title is still going to be on the PS4. The fact that we still call current gen 'nextgen' speaks in volumes. There isn't anything amazing yet. It will forever feel like a PS4 Pro 2.0 until real momentum starts to build and that momentum is not on the horizon.

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No games to buy so just buy a second PS5. Sweet.

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There isn't anything to play yet. This gen is taking forever to pick up any real momentum.

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SFxT doing so poorly is the reason TxSF never came to light. I blame Capcom, as usual.

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Nice, now we can get the original souls experience of bad 30fps.

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I must admit, I actually miss the memory card era over this.

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Any particular reason?

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That is actually pretty lame.

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The days of exciting Street Fighter tournaments really are behind us.

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Bring back 2142

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AND I PLAY DARK SOULS TO RELAX. Tough guy coming through, move aside.

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Sounds better when you put it that way but it still sounds silly rolling off the tongue.

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I can't tell if the name of the game is bad cause it makes me think of urinals or if that title is just bad in general.

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In what way? Shermie was NEVER that thick.

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It is absolutely newcomer friendly and alienated a lot of people looking to play a rewarding fighting game. This led to the rise of Tekken 7 and other fighters as people started branching out from Street Fighter.

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While it is weird, it is oddly fitting. I still view Xbox as the generic FPS/Sports console.

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"But in WoW Classic (which is a near perfect recreation of vanilla WoW)"

This is false.

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