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Shut up troll.Gran Tueismo 5 is on the ps3 and that makes it better no matter what.PS3 fanboys please make way because Forza 3 is milles ahead of Shit Turismo 5.

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Yeah at a later stage it'll say Xbox live ropcks and you suck for not getting a 360 instead so BANABANABAN.Why is that only ps3 fanboy cry about piracy?Can someone explain me?

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Damn right because they forget what they promised and what they gave to gamers.Still remember my friends selling their ps3 because they found out that Dragon Quest IX and X was not coming to the ps3.

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Anyone who gives a clear advantage over everything ps3 is honest and true didn't you knew?

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No.You knew you had to take a 360.

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OMG Yeah free Killzone 3 for torrent sites.Thank you Guirella.That's why Sony rocks they give all their games for free on torrent sites.THANK YOU SONY.

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Butthurt ps3 fanboy?The proof at the end of the article is forbidden as always.The 360 will continue to outsell the ps3 and ps3 fanboys should get it.

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30 hours long is astonishing.Only Killzone fanboys try to downplay the number.

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Nothing went wrong stuppid ps3 fanboys.The games was great and I had a great time playing it.

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Fuck you Pathcer we don't need you to tell us that ps3 is the dominant platform.Even Jesus knew it that ps3 would have the balls to even counter Chuck Norris.Butthurt 360 fanboys disagree all you want.

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Ps3 fanboys butthurt much?The Xbox 360 has outsold the ps3 (in my heart)for one reason.Because every 360 gamer I know play games.Every ps3 gamer I know plays GTA IV and Pro Evolution Soccer.So stop it with the casual shit since here in Greece people get a ps3 and they don't even know what Uncharted is.So butthurt ps3 fanboting trolls stop the trolling because ps3 was always based on casual games.Only in Japan you see hardcore games sell.In Europe shitty football games dominate the sales o...

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Yeah we know it has less exclusives we don't need ps3 fanboys to tell us.

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Enough with the stupid german translated sites.That's what you were saying wright but know that they praise the ps3's most overhyped title they fine huh?

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Yeah like the ps3 fanboys are always more popular than the 360 ones.Who cares who's popular bring on the games.And games wise both consoles offers great games.But simple as that GEARS OF WAR 3 IS GOING TO DESTROY EVERYTHING ON IT'S PATH AND KILLZONE 3 WITH IT.

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They gave the game what it diserved.Black Ops was buggy on the make cash ps3 version.PLayed the 360 one had very bugs in contrast to my friends who sold their ps3 version.

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If this was a Halo or an Xbox 360 fps everyone would go about how fair and diserving the score is.Can't you accept that Killzone except from great graphics sucks monkey balls?

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Sorry but 3d killed it for me.I'm not going spend a fortune for a device that doesn't have 3d.And also cut with the tales about casual games.
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Shin Megami Tensei
Metal Gear Solid 3D
Kid Icarus
Ace Combat 3D
Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy
Dead Or Alive: Dimensions
Ninja Gaiden 3DS
Dynasty Warriors: Chronic...

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If you mean that we're getting games of Wii quality like the Last Story ,Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter Tri?If so bring on the Wii guys.

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Can someone explain me why it's only the ps3 fanboys who think that XIII-1 sucked.I mean all my friends withthe 360 version talked about a great rpg dispite its minor flaws.

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Just like the PSP.The hardware beast will be crushed in sales by the smaller but better(at core games) NINTENDO 3DS.

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