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Awesome day one 4 me!!!

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That's great and all but, don't let this distract you from the fact that it took 8 years and 2 console generations to sell 5 million. As good as this games was it should've sold way more.

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Why do people get so butt hurt when Microsoft talks about power when other companies been doing it all generation?

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Wow....that is amazing and only on PC. Before we know it this game will be putting up GTA5 numbers.

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The reason I say they are fake is because Microsoft don't report their numbers anymore. So where are they getting these numbers? Plus I've always said they were fake numbers. VG Charts are never right even when it comes to Playsation.

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Lol....Really? I can't believe people still use fake numbers from VG They are never correct on numbers for any console or games.

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This is what many people on this site need to do. Go out and experience the Xbox One X for themselves. It's a totally different experience than watching comparison videos on YouTube that will NEVER give you the full effect. If more people did that the X would be more appreciated and we would have less trolling.

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Well it's because the game has Mario in it. He is a hot item right now.

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Because it is!

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You can still pre-order the X1X at many retailers but, you probably won't get one until after launch. You can still pre-order online at the Microsoft store and won't get it until November 30.

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"No they dont, why because the power advantage doesnt mean crap to the majority of people, GAMES matter not power"

Well if that was true the we wouldn't have PS5 articles popping up every five minutes. 4 years ago games did not matter because the PS4 didn't have many. It was all about power which gave the PS4 the advantage over the X1 because it was more powerful, hit 1080p more often in multi-plats, and it was cheaper.

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It's not just about the resolution it's about the overall graphic fidelity and performance. This is the same reason PC gamers but expensive graphics cards.

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That's double what the Pro had when it launched.

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Yes we all know Microsoft is the only company that implemented microtransactions when other company's have been doing this for years especially on the mobile side of gaming. Microsoft is to blame for everything negative in gaming. Sony and Nintendo has never used microtransactions or online passes in their games.

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VR doesn't make up for lack of content. I'm sure it's a great feature and when the X1X drops they will add VR support since it's VR ready.

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Yeah don't forget about the PlayStation fanboys getting excited about playing Shadow of the Colosis Remastered for the hundredth

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Sounds like the PS4 for the past 4 years huh? Deja vu at it's

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The Last of Us has multiplayer as well and sell items as microtransactions. The cosmetics in Destiny are also microtransactions.

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Yep Call of Duty, The Last of Us, Battlefield, Destiny, Madden, NBA2k, and so on. No one said a word but, since both games are associated with Microsoft every suddenly has a huge problem with microtransactions.

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Lol....Why are they comparing the PS4 Pro to the Xbox 1s anyway. The PS4 Pro should look better by default.

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