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Too bad there isn't a demo for the PSP version.

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Gravity Crash is looking pretty good even though it makes me think of an advanced version of Asteroids. I still need to decide between the PSP and PS3 version though.

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I'm betting you've never played this game before which makes me ask how do you know what the game should score?

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I'm not sure how many announcements they're actually going to make but I bet one of them is some new details or some gameplay footage of L.A. Noire.

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Not much I believe. Rockstar probably tried to branch GTA out even more by bringing it to the DS and they did a fantastic job, but due to poor sales they realized GTA on the DS will probably never sell like it did on the PSP. Which is why it is now coming to the PSP.

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Its true. On a forum I go to a Canadian member went to some retailer and now has a PS3 Slim. He says he'll have pictures of it soon as well as his unboxing video.

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I won't disagree with you, but you are misinformed. There will be a new PSP camera made specifically for the PSP Go, so this game will be possible to play on the Go.

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Don't forget the PS3 comes with built in wi-fi capabilities something that costs $100 for the 360, you still have to pay for XBL, and the PS3 Slim will have 120gb not 80gb.

Now tell me. Don't both deals seem to have their own pros and cons?

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