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In the meantime, Sony is killing it with brand new epic titles........

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Lol they keep chasing that purple dragon..

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Sold my Xbox one after it collected dust for a year. Not buying another one..

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Lol, they are preparing for the inevitable.

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Blasphemy.... take your 6 and double it...

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Guess that’s SJW movement didn’t payout well. Rofl

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Perhaps, she survives the first death scene only to sacrifice herself final battle, causing Cloud to go super-sayin KoTR finalizing the Aeris death, but in a new interesting way for new and old gamers alike.... Just a thought

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Only to the companies, i was speaking fans in general. You are not part of team Nintendo, you are just a consumer.

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Sales only matter to the developers, not you personally. Do you get % From said company,no I didn’t think so
Stupid morons think they are part of a team. you’re just a tick on their stock market index.

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Maybe your game prey just didn’t live up to standards. Passion be damned, no money, no play. He game industry has left the building it’s now a capitilast venture.

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Everybody has different experiences. Just saying, what might be a dream for one may be a complete nightmare for another.

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I’m not buying a console for one damn game.

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Umm go ahead. I’ll live just the same...ffs these articles are so ridiculous.

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Why do people hype sales, it doesn’t affect your income. It gets old. So what.. if you enjoy a system good for you, doesn’t matter what it sells. Proves nothing but how big you’re shield is for the white knight experience.

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Why is everybody so ready to shell out more cash to start a new collection, when so many good games just came out and more on their way. Let’s enjoy the now, worry bout tomorrow when it gets here...

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This guy is delusional, and just trying to act like he’s a bad ass cuz mom got me an Xbox one x for early Christmas..

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Wait, they are talking player retention, after two weeks? Lol. Seen all this empty game shelves, but still swbf2 sitting there all lonely...

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Now were getting Disney shovelware... step it up Sony...

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