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Lol, the show flopped. Nobody even mentions this game, and the xbots are like yay we got an exclusive ip coming, an unproven waste of time, but it’s exclusive..... lol

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Awww, the boxes didn’t take to the masses?

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Why you need to quit telling people what they need to do... Screw EA, they've ruined everything they have touched... Madden, Mass Effect, Star Wars ... I can continue. They won’t get dust from me.

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Lol, they barely handle 6v6 last I played destiny, battle royal would be a bit underwhelming with only 11 other competitors.

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Must still be in little league, no scores taken... we’re all winners here... pffft

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It’s nice, but sad at the same time. You think the numbers would be the same if they had a lineup competitive enough to keep pace with ps4?

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Umm, the world “could” end before that happens...... I mean really, it’s like me saying I “could” win the lotto, no derp.

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Can’t support that crap from EA. They won’t get dust from my pockets.

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Umm, perhaps some dlc will come first. You know some are pissed at Kratos right now, and others in the story have much more to offer, “cough cough” Loki.

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From what I’ve heard 99% are Chinese? Were they Chinese? I bet not....

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so is playing with my @#$%

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More like a downdate.

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Nice apology letter. These defenders of the realm have got to go, xbots, nintododo’s, and pc eltists, and pony riders all make gaming tiresome and ridiculous. Who cares about opinion, when it’s only you that can decide for you.

These wanna be marketing or specicialists are just pathetic waving their Nintendo flags as the labo comes out is like xbots defending the Kinect for years, it was never worth the investment as it was just a gimmick, same as labo.. it’s a gimmick p...

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Good demo, but I really tired of pachters prediction articles. He’s just a speculation analyst, any ass hat can quantify sales numbers for similar game titles and spout them out calling them predictions... he’s not a gamer nor does he think like one, he’s a numbers guy.... get off his “predicktions”.....

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Hahahahahah.... let me go wash myself I’m completely soiled.

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Umm when you play the game it’s easy to see dark souls, metroidvanias, rpgs, lootfest, and many other styles of gameplay, none of this is “surprising”. It’s just used damn well..

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I’ve got some paste for paste magazine.... never been a huge god of war fan but holy shit I’ve been putting in 15hr grind sessions, not wanting to go to sleep, only doing so because I’ll die if I keep playing like this.... don’t believe me, rent it, GameFly it, buy it, borrow it..... just give it a few hours it’s a long ass game and doesn’t stop giving up storyline and epic fights along the way. It’s a powerhouse for the generations.

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