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Umm ok, but rage wasn’t even that good, Why the concern?

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More like Humiliation....

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Sign me up..... screw the pr/press, and sjws. The worlds a brutal @#$&ed up place, realize it or stay hidden in your safe place.

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Don’t get those hopes too high...

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Dead in the water, just waiting for a rogue wave to capsize it.

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Can’t wait to see this garbage.

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Microsoft killed Rare, gutted and directed to doom.

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Dude, rare snes days are also beast.

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They are too busy making cardboard cutouts to be concerned with online chat, u know that functionality that’s been present since ps2 era...

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Get a retropie... and be quiet.

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My retropie does it all for 85$. Screw the man..

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Wrong... they just want to keep making money off of minis...

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i can’t believe they still don’t have an online service available yet. Kinda ridiculous.

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This old song and dance.... when these youngsters want some nostalgia only to find their MP online game no longer have servers, they will realize the importance and need for strong story drviven narratives that encompass a video game as well. Single player games are ever lasting, MPgames run their course and the masses move on. Look at COD, it’s a thing of the past. Here comes battle royal for about ten years then we’ll get a new flavor of MP.

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Just looking at this makes my mind hurt. As a 5 year old child I had Contra, Super Mario bros, double dragon. These kids get cardboard, and people be like but they are learning. Pfft, I learned a game can kick your ass. Labo teaches you that your kid can fold pre-fabricated cardboard... maybe

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Quit your gd cryin... go play your 10year old games.

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You’re giving bubbles a Bad name... stop it

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Another we got old games article..... sigh...

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I never could get into es online, felt lacking in substance..

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