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The subject is a dead horse....

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GameStop exclusive preorder, a pink dildo, and anal nitrate from EAs special blend.

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Diversity and inclusion, count me out. Tired of this BS infecting everything around me.

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Integrated is fine with me, integral is not...

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I’m gonna keep beating this here dead horses rotting carcas....

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For some reason prey seems like it might pop up on the freebies.

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I wish we could get a strategy game, there are a few war stars they games always full price on the store. Be nice to get something a little testing of the mind instead of platformers. Just a personal wish I guess..

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Fallout 4 calls its slaves settlers....

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I’ve been saying it since the first commercial, the games look like terrible mini games. Downvote me all you want, nobody seen gameplay footage and was like yup that’s what I’m getting for Christmas, much less that’s what I’m getting my kid....

Games are meant to be fun, not a one time build it and get bored with the games that go with it. Now Johnny turns his robot costume into transformers wars, and smashes it day two.

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Nice click bait article. Jroc needs more practice though, didn’t get my click.

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Do people not understand the architecture differences in the cell processors? Ffs it’s not simple, not worth it. Bad repercussion due to system arch choice.

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Umm anybody surprised needs to go back to school.

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Why do people allow Nintendo to get away with bs like no online functionality, bricking consoles due to third party docks, convoluted chat support, never reducing prices on their excusives. Ffs, Nintendo be throwing it with no
Lube and they keep customers begging for more.

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Perhaps new servers.

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This game needs better servers... constant ping fights....

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This sites “journalists” are just about to drive me away. The clickbaits need to stop.

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Umm, BS....

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Xbots are a reseliant bunch, but so are cockroaches... nvm

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Yea I played a virtual boy at Kmart kiosk, played the tennis game, the red lights gave me instant headache and I don’t remember even seeing it again after that. What a horribly thought out concept.

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Disagree or not, I beat the game and don’t remember @#$& about it... I just remember driving my stiff car around a desert and shooting mad max like characters... nothing special at all

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