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I swear to god, the word “leak” is being beaten to submission this past week.

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Turok blew my mind as a kid in the early 00s. Pretty rough now, but the appreciation is still there. I remember being blown away by the region specific animations like arrows to the throat, and heads popping off. Sigh, good times as a kid. Lol

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Yes it is. These morons buying cosmetics are ruining the market place for future games. Stupid ass horse heads, and the like are not diswanted, but charging 10 bucks or more for a single outfit, just ridiculous. The games are not even fun imo....

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I don’t get the hype. This game is stiff, unresponsive, and laggy as can be. Not a good title ata all. Battle royal is a quick drying fad, will be over with within 3-5 years.

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Gamespew? Who the f is that?

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Umm, da fuq??.

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Anal lube, giant dildos, and an all inclusive get screwed by us table.

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All these asshats speculating like they have some insider info... dummies, just wait ffs

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Rofl, Microsoft dishing it cold and stiff...

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They are both being driven to oblivion by activision on and ea, the bane of video game existence.

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Winning, with tiger blood!!!

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Hold that shield high, maybe princess peach will come by and give some lube.

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Dice needs to shut up... they decided to sell their company to ea, enjoy your choice.

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Lol, this guy hasn’t been on planet earth too long. Humans are fu#&ed

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Gun manufacturers have been trying to patent protect their guns from being utilized in games without paying for their rights first. I believe that hummer and Jeep started this with call of duty being sued for their hummers likness being used. It’s the same thing with racing games, they must pay to utilize certain models and vehicles to mirror their likenesses in a virtual world.

It’s all about milking money from everything around you.

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How in the hell do you know it’s done right? Ffs get down on your knees and show dice how much you love them.. stupid ea fans are ruining games by continuing to suppport their complete and udder bulls#$&.

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So I guess this guys opinion is better Han everyone else’s? Ffs the entitlement is ridiculous.

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To the moderator, bad language exists in the real world. Go back to your safe place...

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BTW a typo in the only sentence you show for a teaser is a bad way to start drawing in an audience...

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I got an xbox 6 months after ps4 and it sat stagnate, sold it to a kid at work... he also said he doesn’t play it. Sorry, it’s just a lost cause at this point.

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