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He had this article wrote before it was finished, just plugged in games and pressed release..... nothing major was shown that wasn’t going multiplat.

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This is straight ea$ answer to destiny, you have to remember they began development when Destiny was suppposed to be the next water into wine trick, didn’t pan out but their investment had to produce something to recoup costs. Expect the franchise to have maybe one sequel and cease to exist.

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SO Microsoft are doing what Nintendo should be, and Nintendo is doing what Xbox needs with f#*#ing exclusives? Interesting strategy.

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Rehashed old IPs, A quarter of which will not be released, the other quarter delayed until next console iteration, and the other quarter will be mediocre Rareshovelware....

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Whatever..... article finished

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There is no god, there is no help. Devolve into oblivion and embellish the darkness.

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Oh snap." Nintendo gonna blow the doors off this e3... rofl

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I’m done giving EA chances. They have to prove to me I should be interested until then I’ll be having fun playing my single player experiences.

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So it seems the Xbox fans think if Microsoft gets it on stage they win??? Knowing full and well these are multiplatformers.....

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6 months from now on, look how the tomb raider devs downgraded the graphics. Same story different day

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Good lord, 200 bug fixes like 4 months out, wow

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You Nintendo fans get the same lineup all the time, a Zelda, a Mario, a Pokémon game, and smash bros. All games with good fan bases, but one problem, they are all bought in like fishes on a hook. Nintendo has nostalgia factor and that’s about it, they are out of their minds when it comes to gathering full third party support. I mean look at the third party line up, they are either cloud versions or gimped graphically to run stable on the underwhelming power structure offered by Nintend...

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You know when a Microsoft executive is telling you a lie??? when their mouth opens up. Microsoft turned me off 4 years ago with the no trade bs, I’m not coming back they can eat my @$$.... I had 45k gamer score on Xbox 360, I’m not biased, and I am surely not an idiot.

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Cardboard boxes full of empty promises and gaming systems lacking essential functionality like an online service two years in. Yeah, gee I wonder what’s going on?

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Somebody still living in the 90s forwarded this email to the author.

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They have everything to prove. If they fall flat this generation is kaput......

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Poor madden, if he really understood wtf EA has done to the game.....

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Secure their email list. I’m tired of getting warnings from epic games about my account being attempted access.

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