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Ughhh mobile games.... finger smash, finger smash, singer smash. My cat can play that crap.

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Yeah that’s why I don’t buy digital accessories. So f’n retarded.

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Umm the article acts as if they are already befiicial to gaming? Loot boxes are awful money grubbing evil leprechauns, teasing gamers gold but only handing out fools gold garbage to be thrown out next iteration and rebought over again.

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Alliance??? What is this game of thrones? Ffs, xbots be like what if all the time.

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I remember having a raging hardon playing the original Decent on a NEC PC back in mid 90s. Made it difficult to share the pc at my friends house...

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And nobody cares....

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Yeah, all of them had claw hands, take a shot to th chest no problem, and could shoot down luftwafa with a lmg.... get out of here with this crap. Woman rarely see frontlines, even in today’s battlefield. Get real, your cowering will only get you an alomony payment and an exwife who thinks very little of u.

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Who writes this garbage? Please go gfind better ideas. Deprivation tanks enlighten you, maybe that will help break through the ignorance.

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Analysts, like pactherderm.....whatever. Go analyze your stock portfolio. They just guessing.

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Umm, k?

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So fort nite, didn’t, encodes your game gaming future.... nice guidestone u got.

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Ughhh, it’s a Japanese based sword fighting games that’s always had women in some form fitting attire that accentuates their assets that can allow them to smash men with their unimaginable martial arts skills, and yet we still get somebody sayin wahhhhhhhh. If anything soul caliber empowers women.... stfu and kick some butt.

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I’m so done with the gaming community. Demanding, whiny, turd eating morons. Just play the game when it comes out, ffs when has kojima let us down? Just let the man build what he wants, and let’s critique the finished product.

Btw Kojima, owes nobody an explanation or anything. It his vision, his quest, his game, nobody outside his studio should have anything to say about it until he asks you for your money.

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The internet is changing the world man, roll with it... trust me I’m an old dog and understand what you’re saying but time is stretched more thin than ever, and too many people with cell phones make it nearly impossible to maintain secrecy unless you’re company bargains a no leak clause where everybody gets massive bonuses, it’s just not going to happen.

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Well better get to work on something other than revisions of others previous work... Sony’s developers are straight murdering the game right now.

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Reminds me of shadow of the colossus.

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Umm he has corpses, and seemingly clone birthing chambers on his back.

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Go play Mario.

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This game reminded me of shadow of the colossus a wide open world with many hidden secrets for us the gamers to discover, not to be teased, reported on for months before the game releases, but for those who buy or rent it to discover on their own.

Kids these days... god I’m getting old

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Umm wasn’t gonna get it anyway. Fu#$ EA... nice way to talk to your potential customers, making veiled ultimatums... lol. Shoot yourselves in the foot again. Hope they lose the Star Wars name from Disney, and the nfl takes their logo away.

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