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Wait, I thought it was thriving on the switch? Hrmmm, musta been fake news.

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Worth playing? Maybe, but EA constant fan abuse has me never buying their products again. Anybody who willingly purchases EA might as well bend over, forget that lube even exists, and grit those teeth.

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Big thing wrong with this title, EA.......... never buying them again. I’ll rent, or purchase bargain bin copies so they don’t get a dime from me..

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I deliver soy to that building... distributors are talking about a direct line to the kotaku offices water supply.

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Let straight be people be straight.... tired of your problems, go figure them out on your own. Most this lgbtq stuff is self imposed nonsense. Feeling sorry for themselves because they fail to meet the norm.... and yes I said norm; when you make up a small percentage of the population, you are an outlier, or not of the normal stock.

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Umm, so fully functional claw hands are believable in the 40’s?

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Don’t play...

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Kinda wondering what no mans sky has to offer this yea...hopefully it’s worth the wait.

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DOnt really give a crap. Playing online with others is like playing with children. Either that or I get some elitists community that dictates your gear/build, and what not.

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Wasn’t saying anything about the specific seller, and I really doubt you get new PS4 controllers any cheaper. Guess if you’re a coupon clipper, or some junk, but whatever.

Just saying be careful, I got burned on a ps3 controller while back turned me off from eBay electronics.

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Wow, the idiocy of this article. How can a gimped version of anything thrive? It’s like saying my two legged dog is thriving rolling on its side in the dirt.

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Be careful of knockoffs, the stickers will usually tell, if not the lack of responsiveness will assuredly tell you what’s what. Knockoffs are prevalent on eBay, especially at dirt cheap prices like that.

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I don’t want google anything.

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I truly can’t believe these games even exist, the market must be tremendously small.

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Hyperbolic much? Ffs, every day xbots throwing shade due to fortnite. A bane on video games if u ask me, fortnite is twitch trash.

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Not many know the cost of true ammo.

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Played fort nite, never bought anything. Get spammed by fake epic game account phishers nearly every day. Hate fortnite with a passion.

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