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Oh my god what a shock said no one. And of course once again they wait til reviews are already out lol.

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What the actual fuck

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Apology not accepted. You knew what you were doing, you don’t get to scam people and then just apologize and think that makes it all better.

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To me this is best case scenario. I don’t play many multiplayer games but I’m legit interested in a good LoU multiplayer game. And also I was really hoping that they would try their hand at a fresh new IP instead of another sequel, hopefully that’s what this means. Fantasy, or maybe sci-fi?!

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Definitely the surprise highlight of the show for me.

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Dude I loved Days Gone but I really wish this director would move on already. Every other month he’s interviewing whining about the situation. Move on man, work on a new IP. It was a great game, but there’s way more interesting things you could do next.

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We shall see about that. Highly skeptical

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Trying to piggyback off of one of their stars getting arrested in Russia which is the most attention the sport has gotten since it’s inception. Instead of, you know, the basketball.

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Yes. You can easily find articles talking about how the WNBA hasn’t turned a profit in 25 years, tends to lose like 10-12 million dollars a year at this point. Of course there are fans, everything has some fans, there’s fans of badminton, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for Sony to throw their lot in with badminton.

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Dude it’s a know fact that the WNBA doesn’t make money, it hasn’t once turned profit in 25 years, they actually lose roughly $10-12 mil a year. Who the hell thought this was a good business decision?

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I always wonder how many of the devs at these studios are like, “this isnt ready, this is gunna be a disaster”, and they’re told “ shut up, do your job, it’s gunna be fine” by their boss. Now they’re just sitting there like “we tried to f$&king tell you”. Must suck to see something you poured years of your career into get shit on and thrown on the dung heap because your boss wouldn’t allow you to finish it.

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I agree. If Fallout 76, which is always online and was completely broken and dogshit on arrival is still around and didn’t “fail”, then almost zero chance this will. Tons will buy it at launch, if it’s rough those people will complain, and over time the fans/Bethesda will fix it and everyone else will buy it. It’s the Bethesda playbook.

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I feel like it’s historically always been a bad idea to be like “this is a Halo-CoD-WoW killer”. Like just make a solid game first, worry about that shit later.

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Because we can. Well not me, but people who know what they’re doing. Lol

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Love how the shills are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. Pretty much all Xbox specific sites. Pathetic. It’s either sycophantic or they’re on the take. “See Daddy Phil, I’m not like the others” (bites lip)

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Somos Xbox means “we are Xbox”, correct? If so I guess this makes sense.

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True. I think a further problem though, is there’s a finite number of gamers who have the time/commitment for GAAS games. And most of them are already on things like Destiny, WoW, FFXIV, etc., all which have had a chance to polish their problems. Plus the players have an investment. So all these publishers coming to the table with half baked products, all essentially vying for pieces of the same limited pie, it’s a recipe for failure, as has been shown time and time again.

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An actual smooth, consistently frame paced 30 fps is fine I think for exploration heavy games that don’t require fast reflexes. It can look a little juddery if you come to it from a 60FPS game at first, but with decent motion blur it’s ok. For a game with any kind of reflexive or competitive element though, 60FPS is much better. But the frame rate is least of Redfalls problems. They can up the frame rate and fix the bugs but it will still be a shit game. Unlike TotK, which is by all accounts ...

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