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I have a question to raise!!!

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Im a big naughty dog fan. But i doubt this....This is way toooooo good to be true.
I always imagine playing this type of game with such gameplay. No way.

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Developers boast about ps4, and they make pc games so therefore gamers should acknowledge this. thruth

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a touchscreen would be awesome. why? because you can type words and instead for pressing to go into menu screen. just have a menu on there. use for hot bars on mmo games. but of course they will get shot down for copying wii u.

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Honestly, it is Sony's motto to deliver the best in gaming possible. if people don't support or see that as a reason to support them let it be a gamers ignorance. Quality is something they are proud of and not a pride issue. I will support them because im aware of the things they do for the hardcore gamers.

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I know this is going to be sad. But all they have to reveal is the next call of duty and hal0 5 and everybody will just a get an xbox. Im no fanboy but this is a true opinionated statement. Variety of games is where it at for any game loyalist. That being said, whoever shows the most quality game wins.

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this e3 will be monumental !!!!!

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price drop of doom?
Xenoblade 2 plus price drop and ill go buy it right now.

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probably Gigs on hard drive and a game bundle. I know for sure they will be pushing digital. so yea idk.

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My guess is 400- 500 dollars. From basic to premium model.

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Well it will be the netflix for games.

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This is not trolling. this is the truth! : )

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it is a race to space and virtual reality wins.

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smart move. When you dodge a question, it means something.

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yea, but if next gen is off the shelf pc parts, then porting it to next gen be easy? since they are developing it on and for pc.

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well it is just weird that Kaz told media that they wanted to let Ms go first but then the news that GTAV will be delay and Sony Pull a quick shot on the same day kind of say something. Rockstar quote implies it as well. idk

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so why couldn't they release it for ps4 too?

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if they are smart. it will be for ps3 and ps4

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hmm. might be a coincidence, but what if this game is also releasing the same time as the ps4 too?

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I think for this reason it might be manufacture and launch here this time. maybe?

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