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It's a reamaster what do you expect they'd rather play Mario kart 50

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Lol at all the people expressing there disgust and skepticism about this game. I can tell damn well fine you will all really buy this game in secrecy because it looks bloody brilliant just be honest. It's not gonna make you a bad person, it's not gonna make you racist, or anything like that it's a game a silly one but what are you lot like 5? Getting your knickers in a twist over this.

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It should be a discount a big one for people who have already bought it, seriously instead of making a release they should concentrate on gta 6

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Ps4 to dominate this holiday, Ps4 to dominate next year, Ps4 to dominate the year after and Ps4 to dominate the entire generation, it's simple it's a better machine.

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It's a remake get that into your head, it's not some new exciting exclusive.

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ballseye I don't know if ps4 is a wonder machine but I do know it's more powerful than xbone so deal with it loser.

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XBL SKULL you clearly have been smoking something if you think ryse is better looking than infamous, infamous has perfect graphics idiot!

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Ps4 version for the win!

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A blow to all the people saying fozra looked better, because this game looks beautiful and in comparison to fozra it's just so much better looking.

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good luck you have no chance Microsoft!

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Sales of Xbox one in japan are gonna go through the roof!

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I don't know or care what kind of updates xb one gets, but I do know we get almost daily updates of your b**lsh**t.

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The Further at Microsoft and loyal sons will not be happy about this.

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It doesn't need a new console it just needs some good exclusive games which it doesn't have and none in sight in the next year.

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Limited just like the minds of all the xbox people on news for gamers.

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If this was ps4 and not xbox one that had decided to do this deal it would be bad according to you spin doctor.

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Lol the Chinese will probably just wait until ps4 is out it will be cheaper too with better games, tuefan lol you are that noob.

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Lol no doubt the defenders of the realm will be on shortly to tell us how nasty we Sony people are, true fan, Ballseye, bloodmask, power of green ect. If ms want to do this go ahead, goodluck to them sony will be better.

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Excuse me but what exclusives does Xbox One have over Ps4 that is actually any good Ballseye? Your full of crap. Sony online service is just as good as Xbox Live gone are the days when ms had a monopoly on this. So why don't you crawl back into your mummy and daddy basement and creep on fanboy.

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