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free xbox live would be a surprise and a welcome one at that.

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xbo is not expensive the ps4 is just a ridiculously good deal. Last gen was expensive factoring in inflation at a modest 2% over 8 years you will see that this gen consoles are way more affordable.

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So true. The first thing I do is fart on my consoles before I even turn them on. I got a refurb 360 way back in the beginning of the rrod affair and I really felt like they sent me someone else's dirty drawers. Who knows what people do with their stuff. What if the dude who had it before me used it to watch porn dvds without kleenex then hit the power button without washing his hands. F**king gross. I don't want sloppy seconds in my living room.

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really If the console price was adjusted to match its power compared to ps4 I would be fine with it as it is. I could stomach the lack of power if it came in at $349. I am a long time xbox supporter but I do like to think that I am buying cutting edge (for a console) or getting a deal and so far XBO offers neither so I am standing by for a change of heart or price.

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I thought putting z on all your words was played out by now. The internet must have some new nerd speak for you to bandwagon jump on.

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This stuff comes in different colours. Not only would it revive the thumb sticks It could make em pretty cool looking. Its used to put rubber grip on hand tools I think it would work well for this

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there used to be a product called plasti-dip for repairing or adding rubber grip for hand tools like pliers vice grips wrenches etc. My old man had a jar of it when I was a kid. Its probably banned now for health reasons but there must be a similar product out there we could simply brush on some new grip. It came in red too.

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Held it in your head? what part of your face uses the triggers?

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dont punish remedy for ms missteps. MS loses money on the console anyway. I say play what you want on whatever console its on. If you want to take a stand on something try something important like world hunger or unjust war or human rights violations. Its just game consoles people.

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yea titanfall is gameplay focused with last gen graphics.

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if that comment didn't light up the NSA switchboards I don't know what will.

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In this day and age of do it all devices I do find it strange how stripped down the ps4 is. Can you imagine trying to market a smart phone that only made phone calls? The ps4 is essentially a pc so without a doubt if people ask for more features rather than suck on sony teats we will get them.

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lol picture of a condom. priceless.

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yea but we kicked his ass out for being a little turd

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its cold up here. I heat my house with xbox.

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I would have to agree that more 360 owners will switch to ps4 than ps3 owners will switch to xb1. Then a few guys like me who did 90% of gaming on 360 are gonna just pass on this gen entirely. I don't see anything groundbreaking for either console but at least ps4 didn't go backwards

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It is worth mentioning that PS3 was released in time for a world recession while the ps2 was released during one of the most robust economic periods in history combined with a tech boom. During the last 7 years it was most likely very difficult for studios to secure finances to develop numerous or big budget games.

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yea sony root kit was awesome. lol

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Sony loses $60 per console. What math are you using?

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If sony is subsidizing the ps4 to the tune of $60 per unit That means xbo only costs $20 more to build than PS4 yet they want $100 more?. MS should drop the price and take the loss like sony or they are gonna get buried. They make it back with just over a year of live/psn. Sony is doing it right MS is doing it wrong. This has to be the work of clueless shareholders.

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