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Best Nintendo console ever. Played games like Mario 64, wave race, star wars, zelda and 007 for endless amounts of hours. Great memories. Oh and yes I begged mom's for superman. Damn that was a mistake but I never told her how bad it was lol.

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Whoa whoa where is zelda?

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didn't feel anything like a resident evil game. felt more like silent hill. i was hoping capcom wasn't going this route with the series. glad to hear it is just a prolouge.

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Once again Sony wins. They started off with GOD OF WAR 4!!!!! you know they ain't playing. After that was just straight to the point with games games games. My only problem was no The Last Of Us 2. But i know it's coming. Sony wins hands down.

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Please give us tlou2 and after that you can do whatever you want which I'm will be AAA quality.

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Why this article has nothing to do with ps4 kicking xbox ones ass this gen. Let's focus on the present and not let these opinion articles side track you from what's happening now.

And by the way the 360 was not better. Xbox had a year head start and was cheeper but once Sony put in that price drop they been on fire and haven't cooled off since

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You know there's always someone that wants to be doesn't and not go with the obvious

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Too bad hundreds of other reviewers plus 2.7 million 1st week buyears seem to think other wise.

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To answer the title. ..ummmm don't they always win when it comes to exclusives. Nothing new here folks.

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Are we seriously going to do this? Cmon Microsoft and it's fans had it hard enough this gen. Let's spare them the embarrassment.

By the way uc4 by a long shot

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Wow that's more than I thought. I was thinking around 1.5 million. This is got for sure.

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So what do you call street fighter 5, ratchet & clank and MLB the show??? Sounds like a hell of a lot to play before getting uncharted 4. If anything the only reason why halo sells decent is because xbox has nothing good to offer. Lol sorry but it's the truth

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Very very well deserved

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XO TV HUH?? Yeah I'll pass. No one will take you guys serious. Thank God I don't have to click.

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No comparison. Uc4 is on a whole other level.

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Let's not forget god of war but yes, A spider man exclusive from suckered punch sounds "amazing "

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Downloading as we type. Can't wait!!!!!!! I'd why but only Sony exclusives makes me feel like that 5 year old playing video games for the first time again.

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Your opinion doesn't mean a damn thing. This Game is getting 10s like crazy so sorry try again lmao. Day one buy for me

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UC4 is getting praised because they simply do it better. Sorry but it's the truth. Many people can moon walk but nobody does it better than the king of pop himself right?

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