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been spending many hours on Fire Emblem Fates :)

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Oh fun more DQ is always a good thing. Shame it does seem like X won't see the light outside of Japan :(

Though it is up in the air as far as what it'll go on system wise. Turn based rpgs seem like you can only find them on handhelds these days so probably 3DS but if they want it on a console PS4 seems to be the likely as the WiiU isn't the big leader as the Wii was and Dragon Quest always goes to the system doing the best at the given moment.


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Depends on pricing naturally. Wouldn't want to pay 60 bucks for single player and 60 bucks for multiplayer.

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Well Mass Effect 2 does have EA printed on it... cerberus network / online pass same thing.

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That's an odd Level 5 game

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It's free and it's not much but the pin collection is pretty cool. I just ordered it and I'm also waiting on my Zelda CD :)

I would like it if Nintendo would give out some points for some 3rd party games.

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At the very least give us 2...

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Oh 10 of them :)

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I enjoy this game as well. Lots to unlock and the online isn't too bad in terms of it's set up. At least it's loads better than what DoA4 was and it's lobby. In Dimensions all you have to do is wait then click yes or no if you want to fight :) I did lose one match to lag though -.- but other times I did just get plain old whooped lol

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Of course it is :) though hardcore is a subjective term

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Very nice :) 4 just had way to much juggling. You could bounce a guy off the wall, hit them a few times, smash them back into the wall, and repeat till they're down. Plus in 3 I was happy to break a million points during survival but in 4 my first run got me 5 million...

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Well I spend hours playing handheld rpgs and other games. Some just like the portable games. Also the iOS has a bunch of MMOs oddly enough

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As long as it plays more like 3 than 4 it's all good.

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Mass Effect on the go? Yes please. Just don't make another Mass Effect Galaxy...

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It's a bummer man.

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Indeed. A small change could have been a bowler hat. It is still a hat but it's no top hat and it would still be in the right time period.

As a fan of the Layton series I too will be looking into any puzzle adventure games. More the merrier :)

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You mean to tell me some journalist only clipped out a half a sentence from a full speech and switched the wording around to make it sound like he was saying something mean spirited?! Surely not ;)

He had a point though. Why sell yourself short when you have a good product. Only SE is really setting the app store up with high priced games and they only go up to 15 bucks on the store. Most devs can only get away with 6 dollars on the spp store. They are setting themselves...

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Right. That's why he has a mustache...

Reminds me of how Ubi was going to great lengths saying how their Hollywood Crimes game is nothing like the Layton games and yet when they described how the game is it sounded just like a Prof Layton game 0.o

Ah well it'll be near impossible to put an adventure tale into a puzzle game without it looking like a Layton game. Don't know why devs need to fib about these things sometimes.

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Ha pretty good

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:( I actually enjoyed Dragon Quarter but another Breath of Fire would be a warm welcome.

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