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Ah yes, the critically acclaimed Bioshock Infinite which won numerous awards and is sitting at at 94% rating on Metacritic is ACTUALLY good!

Why is this presented like it's not already the consensus? I've got no issue with reminding people that a great game exists, and getting newer folks to check it out.

But it's clearly and widely agreed to be a good game. This title is odd. Also go play Bioshock Infinite it's a crazy fun time.

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Did you enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn? That was delayed from it's original launch.
How about The Last of Us 2? That was also delayed from it original launch.
God of War? Delayed from 2017 to 2018 back then.

Your statement is not correct at all.

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Both of these games got free patches for next gen. This isn't like Control where the next gen version was sold separately.

There's no extra cost for that patch. So no, this does not make sense at all, if I was subscribed to PS Now on PS5, I'd be pissed.

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Glad to see Xbox still present at E3, should be a fun time!

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An incredibly good game with a lot of text boxes fairly frequently blasting the screen with information for the first several hours of gameplay. There's probably a better way share that information.

Still, I'm loving it far more than World, great Monster Hunter entry!

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Ah that included games and DLC sales. That makes more sense, I thought this was on PSN+ revenue alone. Still I was wrong, thanks for the source P_Bomb.

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Got any sources on that? I'm very dubious of that claim.

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It's not a terrible idea. I find that selection at Best Buy for PC components and accessories to be somewhat disappointing at times. A dedicated store selling enthusiast gaming hardware, laptops and displays..

I haven't walked into a Gamestop in years, if they had this kind of tech, I'd go check it out. It's a smart play.

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I hear you on that.. I haven't played TLOU2 yet, but I have a PS5. I am so excited to play it, but I really want to experience it in the best possible way first! Here's hoping the patch comes soon. Oh and Horizon as well, that game is utterly stunning on PC at 60fps, can't wait to see that on PS5.

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As the article points out, this is most likely in reference to the Ray Tracing patch and next gen optimization. When last they were mentioned Id stated that we "wouldn't have to wait long for the updates" so fingers crossed we see some news soon.

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Thanks for the summary!

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Epic generates revenue when big games use UE5. The idea that the engine can only run on PS5 is a little silly, as Epic clearly wants to sell a solution that works on multiple platforms.

Since Xbox now owns id Tech 7, they can use the engine without having to buy access to it. The advantages of a good inhouse engine are incredible, like Sony with the Decima engine.

I get that you are making a hot take here, but more games using the Doom engine is a big win...

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N64 was an amazing console. But I agree with Phil on this.

Also clearly Nintendo also agrees since they didn't even remotely stick to that design in any of their controllers since.

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Absolutely. Easily frankly. Playing through Breath of the Wild now just feels like there's endless unexplored potential. More Dungeons. More Side quests.. I mean look at the quest where you build a new town? There's no other quest like that in the game, imagine if the were more like that?

Then the side dungeons.. there's only really the one kind, and it's always kind of the same. You go down an elevator, you get to a big blue area, solve a puzzle, some old ...

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The Guild Wars 2 composition is utterly amazing, really talented man. May he rest in peace.

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Wasn't this originally announced as an 'early 2021' game? I only complain because it looks amazing and I want to play it now. Looking forward to June!

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Add Horizon and Bloodborne to this list please. 60fps makes a world of difference, God of war feels phenomenal to play in this higher fidelity.

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Oh man Freelancer.. that takes me back. Would love to see that

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It's so embarrassing that this is the number 1 story on N4G right now.

I have no problem with this content existing.. But have a little class folks. There are SOOOO many other websites for content like this.

Commenting doesn't really help I suppose.. But still if we did a news story for every nude mod added to Skyrim that's all we would ever see. It's not news, it's expected. There's always nude modes. Keep that on the Nexus..

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In my opinion, Xenoblade doesn't have any buisness being on a top 5 list for the Switch.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Splatoon 2
Ring Fit Adventure
Super Mario Maker 2
Luigi's Mansion 3
Heck even Pokémon Sword and Shield

All of those and more I would put in far above Xenoblade. It's a good game, but has glaring problems, particularly in performance and voice acting...

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