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Does this run at 60 fps now or is it still at 30 fps because 30 fps isnt good enough anymore

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Got mine at 8.12am lol

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What about Hogwarts!

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If only Konami made games anymore

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It already exists its called Xbox Game Pass

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Consoles hardware add-ons have never worked just look at the TurboGrafx-CD, Jaguar CD ,Mega CD/Sega CD ,32X
64 DD all failures and a waste of money though i did have a Mega CD and have a soft spot for it and was a minor hit it failed in overall sales they all did and if you think people are going to spend £400 $400 or what ever on a new console and 18 months later ask for 200 more that isnt going to go down well

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Are you ready?!

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wasnt there a rumor Devil may cry 5 was coming to xbox game pass

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So theres going to be 4 versions of Halo infinite.Base Xbox One,Xbox One X,Prodject Scarlet and PC

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Remembering that amazing N64 fog

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Emmmm Earn up to $550 to $750 a day you say that sounds ace but what does it got to do with xbox Game Pass Adding The Bards Tale Trilogy & IV Directors Cut,im not sure something tells me this comment has nothing to do with this subject,is it just me or is it too subtle for my small and febble mind to comprehend or are they just trying to sell you some crap

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Put of course got to have that sweet sweet microtransaction money

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An Uncharted,Tomb Riader crossover called Tomb Raider Uncharted could work since both series have ended

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Well that was a thing !!!

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Nooo !!!

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Yes !!!

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Its not as backwards compatibity is dead its just been put on hold so all backwards compatibity game work on next xbox then when its released they will start up again, P.S I did finish Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

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But there always that sweet sweet M$ money

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MDHR and Moon Studios are two studios im surprised Microsoft havent bought give the popularity of both cuphead and ori

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I dont know what people expect its a year and half till the till prodject scarlet is realeased the specs wont be finalised the consoles design wont be finished if they were they would launch this year but xmas 2020 is what they decided on

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