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which i dont lol

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same here,Dont really see wut the big deal is wit crysis2.played both and in all honesty kz3 beta craps all over the crysis demo.....PEROID!

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cant waitfor the full game come the 22nd

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must be a trick question

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holy crap,r u kidding me?ok ok is this an early april fools joke or wut?cus as of right now im begining to think xbox is officially casual friendly

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no sounds like ur a fanboi trying to hide your jealousy.THERE FIXED!oftopic,not everything has to be about the console wars or the so called motion control wars

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as far as i know its still exclusive to ps3

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no thank you i want to be surprised through the whole game thank you

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sorry i know its ur opinion but i have both dude and i can tell you moves pointer is way more acurate then wii control with or without motion plus.maybe you should get actual facts before spitin what u think is truth ok im done peace out

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oh im sorry u feel that way but if u cant handle the truth u should stay out of theses forums.....PERIOD CHEIF

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funny thing is wut r u fanbois gonna do when the ps3 finally takes the 360 in numbers?cus we all kno its gonna happen,the next price cut will burry that once and for jus curious as to kno.then wut fanbois?huh.....then wut!

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im not catholic but i do know that they r the most corrupt of all religions.......btw i am a nondenominal christian and my beliefs teach me not to be so quick to judge any and everything so take that as youll want.

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hahahaha wow.....for the reviews it got thier r a lot of developers talkin crap bout gt5.pherhaps its because it sold well over bout 5mill in a short time.but thats what happens when u have a faithful fanbase

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Mista T srry dude but i doubt u even played the kz3 beeta,cus if u did u would kno that its gameplay is completely better then if i were u thank god im not i would stay out thier little debate ok bye

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that sucks.offtopic kinda makes u wonder what that crytek 360 exclusive is gonna look like now

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srry dude but if this game is anything like kingdom hearts then this ff game is goin litterally sh!t all over ur precious lost odyssy

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the more i hear about this game the more excited i get for it

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that makes absolutetly no sense at all.which makes me believe u never gave a crap about it so please get out here wit that mess u talkin

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