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i kno right

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im pretty sure sony is doin alright in the gaming era buddy,you should be more worried about your precious xbox collecting multiple dust spots

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what the hell does metacritic have to do with anything?gt5 was a better game then forza but because of hype was criticized point is pretty much thier is a lot of bias reviewers around but by your logic it will bury it on metacritic,so will that have made it a better game?no because like i said thier is too much biasness in the gaming world

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a phone and its comfortable for gaming,what more could you ask for from a phone

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if u have a wii yes if not then no

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do u guys see what 3dizzy fanboys are resorting to?i mean come on man,ur oviously failing at even grasping straws here.what r youll goin to do when the ps3 puts the 360 in third place,then you will have a shoddy camera and no more 2 place. yourselves a favor and stop wit these pointless articals about made up crap

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to be honest bulletstorm demo was fun but got repetitive really quick,and as everbody knows the 360 version will only sell because of the geow3 beta,but what eva

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anyways im sure thier numbers are off

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all he does is complain from start to finish,like hes trying to hate the game.and the douche failed to realize its just a beta.gamers like him need thier hand held when playing games apparently

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ACTUALLY I DONT EVEN WANT THEM TOUCHING HS2,THEY MIGHT TARNISH IT.i would rather sony santa monica handle it on acount sony ownes the ip

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u the 1 that seems to be insecure thier buddy.first off kz3 has a better online feel to it then freakin black ops,not that thats sayin a u should do more research before u try to down a game u aparently know nothing about.and as far as reviews go if u go by that then ur precious xbox is full of mediocre games.ur jus a sad insecure puppet......DANCE FOOL DANCE

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Seferoth75 u dont even wanna go there buddy.all the sheep that go out and buy ms products that r shoddy as hell by the way and u wanna compare ms to sony?at least sony does look out for its fanbase unlike SOME SELL OUTS.OH BY THE WAY UR GETTIN A 360 AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME,ENJOY UR KINECT EXCLUSIVES MONKEY!

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in all honesty the demo turned me off...COMPLETELY!

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hey douche it was a freakin typo calm the hell down.god talk bad about halo and the halo fangirls come out to play.INSECURE MUCH KAVETI6616

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u soound abit butt hurt he didnt mention ur favorite game.truth of the matter uc though nothing new did bring more life into the action adventure hate all u want but the fact is thiers a reason it recieved so many gaming awards

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in all honesty im kinda sick of the whole halo series all together.all halo games except the first and evolved where the only exceptions.maybe.....just maybe they need to go another route with this remake

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then why comment my good buddy

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