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seriously this game is garbage sorry i call it like i see it

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more like three god this guy cant count

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offence but who realy cares about this news its kinda gay in all reality.jus my opinion

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at its finest

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ii played the demo and judging from it heavy rain is a must in my book

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i for one am kinda sick of fps.i think we need more action packed games like uncharrted2.or for the blood lover more brutal gore like god of war3.point is we have new teqnology for these type of games so why not take advantage of it and give gamers something new for a change yall feel me.

oh and how did i forget for the rpg fan games like me2 good 1 thier

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1.bringing out the slim
2.lowering thier price
3.making top quality games
4.making final fantasy exclusive in the land of the rising sun
5.kicking ass and taking names from the competition

see i i spent that from negative to positive this writer is jus looking for hits with his poor logic.i mean this wouldve been perfect back in 2006 my god dude get a fu#kin life

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please stop sucking ms junk i wish u could hear how u sound u sound like u rehearsed that whole comment several times its jus sad ur a sad sad person

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a wii fanboi realy i didnt even know they existed thats cute

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i played the demo it was garbage at best can someone tell me how the hell this game is selling when it clearly sucks i mean it actually beat me2 seriously

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i do smell bias

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and not gt5 wow dude realy

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i realy hope ur not trying to justify this video i realy hope that was sarcasm REALY DO!

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ur a sad deluted lil fanboi did i mention delusional

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but i realy realy wish u fanbois cuss thats wut u r sorry would realy stop trying to compare every xbox game to ps3 nothing is going to change any time soon

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u could learn somethin turn 10

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on this at all my fellow gamers

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