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but did u not play the same demo i played cus wut i experienced was not fact it seemed like a last gen game wit clunky controls and game play that seems to be for the retardit due to the auto aim bull sh!t!but hey i cant speak for everyone to each his own

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alan wake is no graphic power house like uc2 but it does have good graphics.better then sc.c thats for sure anyways alan wake seems to have an interesting story so thats all i need from it

4037d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment us new zelda,maybe kid icarus and a new ip maybe
ms.halo reach not realy interested in that but wut eva,maybe new ip a big maybe knowing them problaby steal another exclusive from sony who knows,and pthat natal stuff that i also could care less about
sony.kz3 possibly,r3,twisted metal,infamous2,sum new ips no doubt,and of coure the move games so i would say im partialy excited for nintendo.kinda excited for ms.and realy looking forward to sonys how about the rest o...

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dude u realy need to stfu

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first u know because of the whole fighting a harvest machine wit a flashlight incident.but if i like it then its on

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this is me............holding my breath

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about project lagtal give me games ms

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last time i checked home was quite u fail at trollin and at life fanboi

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jus 5 cus i can think of a few more if ur interested

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i think ur confused.see the way i see it sonys motion control is already picking up hype and ur precious natal is begining to die out becuz thier r 0 to nothing that shows why it can rival the move so ur fanboi comment is how u say quite delusional.anyways peace out fanbot

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look wut the so called console wars has reduced to.we need to end this bitter rivialry sh!t and get bk to wutt matter most gaming.hell if u dont do it for urself do it for ur kid or kids

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saw it deleted it playin jus cause 2 demo

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jus give it to me fact i heard that someone was making sequal to this is it true?

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for an epic game

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wow dude cry much?man the hell up

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cause this is a joke right?how the hell did this sh!t get aproved

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wut the hell r u talkin about?wut the hell does that have to do wit anything?and last time i checked gow3 beat everything in terms of graphics and game play on ur precious console.damn u fanbois r unbelievable.

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joke?settle wut score.the only game im actually interested in is alan was sc too but after i played that disapointing demo not so much now.and cd2 did anybody else see the game play to that?i dont usually go by graphics but guydamn the graphics look like a damn ps2 game and the multiplayer looks to get real repetive fast.anyways im jus voicin my personal opinion on the subject.oh and as u can see im no fanboi so please dont go there wit me jus callem like i see em.

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u mean like metro2000 and something did.see wut i did thier only diffrence is im not sucking ms d!ck in the process.damn fanboi

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to broken mediocre non sellin halo wanna be of a shooter.if it didnt do good on xbox wut makes them think this sh!t goin sell on ps3

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