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bottom line exclusives redifine way more than multiplatform.fact.the guy that said is oviously jealous of what nd did or jus plain hatin u know the deal wit these pr guys

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realy?im a lil thrown off by the way they scored it.i mean it says 9.3 but judging by the points it should be lower what gives?

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have to have played it first.but since u got u heads so far up ms a$$ i guess i could see how u where blind sided.anyways heavy rains facial structures r still considere unmatched so do urselves a favor and stfu and take that sh!t to the open zone

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kinda looks like alone in the dark and we all know how that game went.but still im goin keep my eye on this

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SH!T COMING .i mean come on did people actually think that this used teq would take off?seriously?

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sorry but i wont be getting this for my 360 or least until the price drops which shouldnt be long

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about the not hiding bodies.hell thats the least of this games problems.what about the damn graphics for starters?what happened to the pretty graphics they showed at e3 last year?the game looks like a gears the gameplay....its not the fact that its a lot to remember button wise but the stiff controls.and last what the hell is up wit the whole execution thing.they took a game that was completelty hardcore and made it casual friendly like its the wii or u can critizise ...

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i dont know what game u played cus the mgs game i played was extremly phenominal.i dont knoe how u fanbois claim to have played good games when u r constantly tryin to down the good one.why?because ur insecure about sc.c?well u know what i havnt played the full game and dont plan on wasting my money cus the damn demo sucked ass period.and nothing u or any other fanboi can do or say to change that

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i happen to have both consoles and i can honestly say that after playin sc.c demo ive lost all interest in this game.also where the hell r the damn reviews for this game?it kinda makes u wonder hmmmmm

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but lets be honest here sony drop thier price to 199 its a isnt even goin be an issue and the wii may be in trouble.anyways thats my opinion on the subject

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and for me playing that demo was very nerve wrecking.honestly did anybody else feel like they where playing that bourne identity game again?

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so she doesnt realy play anything but the wii.oh and lbp she thinks the lil rag dolls r cute and likes to get them killed.other then that shes a wii person unfortunately

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they could actually be u know making good exclusive games for the 360 instead of sum dumb ass casual game that wont even break even in the long about dumb moves

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do u honestly think that natal and a slimmer 360 will make a diffrence?i mean come the hell on fanboi if its cheaper then the ps3 now and its sellin faster then what the hell make u think a slimmer 360 will help sells?and here we go with the natal sh! u know something that we dont know or something cus last time i checked the only game i saw for natal was sum dumb laggy dodge ball like game.dude u fanbois r something else like u know the future or something.why dont u jus shut the f up an...

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for me
360.me2 and gears1
wii.mario galaxy,zelda,mario kart
ps3.heavenly sword,infamous,lil big planet,uc1,uc2,rachet and clank,heavy rain,gow3,and motor storm
that was easy u fanbois could learn a thing or 2 from me

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get ur facts str8t fanboi.and stay away from other sites spreading ur lies

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but this guy doesnt even sound like hes convinced that this game is stealth.lets face it this is not the game that we saw at e3 last year

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but to be honest after playin the sc demo yes mgs does indeed look better.only a complete fanboi would think otherwise i mean seriously people jus look at it for goodness sake

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r u serious?over hyped u mean like halo

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