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Get ready for that VR2. Can't wait!

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Idk, you'd have more if you'd let me PRE-ORDER, pfff.

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The deadzones for these controllers (Elite 1, 2, and the Standard Xbox controller) are absolutely atrocious. I had to buy a USB bluetooth adapter so I could use my PS5 controller because I couldn't play anything like that. Even after using the app to adjust things, you can move the joysticks waaay too far before it registers the input.

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The fact that it's incredible is a surprise to no one. Sony haters are always so quiet about new God of War releases.

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I've had mine for 2 years and loved every minute. Best console I've ever owned. That being said, they need to put more in to their PS1 classics because the small amount of crap they're shoveling is pretty weak.

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No that's last gen buddy. It is to be compared with the Xbox One and the Ps4. PS5 can only be compared to XSX, they are the only current gen. That is until Nintendo drops a new Switch, then that will compete with PS5 and XSX.

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FF10 was the last masterpiece. FF12 was decent. FF13 was the beginning of the end.

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As a huge fan of the original Final Fantasies.... I'm tired. I can't fight this fight anymore. Turn-based was better but no one cares. Oh well.

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@CorndogBurglar That was mostly just an HD Remaster of the Gamecube version. I was talking about the over-the-shoulder remakes with different voices, cutscenes, game modes, etc.

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Am I the only one that wouldn't mind a proper RE1 remake in this fashion?

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It does not matter what they do with this new Final Fantasy because true fans of the franchise already know that it turned to trash shortly after Final Fantasy X. It may end up being a decent game, but Final Fantasy used to stand for "Masterpiece", not "decent". But now it seems like "decent" is all they can manage to pull off... if we're lucky. So who cares what they do? Sakaguchi is gone, he's been gone for a long time. It's never going to be good a...

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The best part about the original game is the soundtrack. They have "refined" this soundtrack (made it worse) and do not let you switch to the original. Dumb.

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Every game on PS5, I switch Ray-Tracing on and off and notice just slight differences. Not enough to justify the drop in frames. Performance ray-tracing can be really nice though, Spider-Man did it great.

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Dope. Can't wait to play through this 15 minute long game with Ray-Tracing now!

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Looks like hands aren't the only things that are down, look at your votes.

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Cool. Just bought it. Waiting on a $10 upgrade for RDR2 as well. What's 10 bucks? Lol. Practically free. Better than buying in to all the microtransactions, ruining the gaming industry as a whole.

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Killing Abby with anything would be great. That ending was just awful. Should've smashed her face in.

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Yeeeesssss. Cant wait to use the cerebral bore on everyone

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I'm just glad I finally secured a PS5 so I can play this with little issue in less than a month.

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