Bring the next gen already!


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PS3 fanboys need a bad reality check man...

PC = PS4 XBOX720 now. The console you are playing is LAST GEN NOW.

ALL games on ANY fucking console is upscaled 720p crap with 0xAA and blur as far as the eye can see.

BF3 = GOTY on PC that is.

I own both 360 and ps3. But for the graphics the PC rapes both of them, badly...

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Another PC game that will pwn any console game this year.

Not being a pc fanboy but the consoles are soooo last gen at this point.

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Too bad ps3 games are not even worth playing lol. Hope someone ports XBMC to it so I can turn it on again hahaha.

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Huge SOF2 player here.

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This is why I only play TDM PURE.

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Well HDMI is not needed really. The original HD cables that you got with the 360 elite where exactly the same quality as HDMI.

I like this controller very much might get it from ebay as it's not released in Europe yet :'(

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Look at this 1080p picture!

You guys look at PHOTOMODE not at actual gameplay.

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LOL hahahahhaha common son.

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LOL this shit is fugly as hell...

Not hating on GT5 or anything but common even the most hardcore ps3 fanboy can't defend this pixel mess.

This gen consoles is so outdated :(

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NPD Oct numbers: Xbox 360 sold 325k consoles. So far, it is the best selling console in 2010 w/ 3.5 M Year To Date sold

NPD data for October also confirms Xbox 360 only console growing YOY, up 30% with 325K units

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I was just on there and it was like 3.9million

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I live in a big ass house and have no problems at all.

You niccas be poor as fuck living in a dog shed lmfao.

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It's nice to see how sony have managed to keep this under the radar for so long. But the people that have bluray laser's broken on ps3 is now bigger than the rrod on 360.

If you don't believe me just walk into any console repair shop.

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so it looks ps3 did not lose AGAIN.

Let's talk hdmi lmao.

Just fyi the ps3 cannot upscale to 1080p. Just look at all these comparisons. It shows 360 can handle 1080p when ps3 only can get 720p. If you don't believe me look at some of the games at lensoftruth website.

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That camp after they need to move up. is the biggest pos in BFBC2.

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There is no reason to buy the kinect or move when there are no AAA games for it. Who wants to play medio core casual crap, not real gamers.

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They would sell them all without any problems.

I will wait for sony to make there PSP2 move before I get the 3ds.

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Uhm some people like game xyz others like abc... If xbox people wanted ps games they would get the ps3 not the 360.

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I know someone that repairs electronics for a living. And he said that now there are more broken ps3 with bad lasers than 360 rrod. Sony should give people free replacements this shit is getting out of hand.

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Guys the hardware has not changed in the pas 5 years. So ofc it's all going to look the same.

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