Bring the next gen already!


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You are disappointed that Titanfall did not come to PS4 that is all. If it was exclusive the the PS4 you all would have circle jerked how it's the best game ever made.

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Killzone on PS4 was not 1080p at least the online part was smoke and mirrors.

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PS4 and Xbox One are almost the same in hardware. The small difference is that XB1 runs of windows and PS4 from Linux. Most games ran and looked better on the Xbox 360 but if you asked here what machine was more powerful all of you would say PS3. Stop being such fanboys for multi-billion companies. I think both PS4 and XB1 suck when you look at the graphics. But I can enjoy the games even if they don't look like 2000$ PC graphics.

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Ubisoft > Microsoft > Sony > EA

This is the order to put the press cons if you are not a fan boy. But sadly on N4G people will eat shit if it said Sony on it :')

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So brave.

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I am kinda sad the Xbox one will not be released this year in my country. I want to play Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, TitanFall and Ryse. I still have my PS4 pre-order but don't know what to play on it. I might cancel my BF4 PC pre-order and go for the PS4 otherwise sell it on ebay. Really sucks that ubisoft let us pre-order the ps4 with watchdogs and than cancels it. They even made ads with 2 months is more than enough in Los Santos. The next gen launch for my country sucks.

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Yeah MS totally stole the trophies idea from Sony... oh wait.

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lol what? GTA5 was the only game that had this problem. And the problem was with GTA not the console. I had GTA5 installed on my HDD day one and did not see any problems btw. I bet BF4 is exactly the same as BF3 with the regards to installation of the HD textures. You really should know how HDD's work before throwing in words as "shorting each other out" haha.

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LoT never installs HD textures on the 360 even on retail games. The website is made by Sony fanboys for Sony fanboys. Just buy the version you like the best.

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Because you can't install the full game on PS3. On the 360 you can also install disc 2 on the HDD but you are not suppose to do that. So if you keep playing on DVD it's fine but when you install the play disc you have more pop ins.

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It's because when you don't understand football you think oh it's very easy you only need to score on the other side.

But it's very tactical and you need allot of skill. Try Football manager 2011 and see for your self :P

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But I have DSL 386kbps and I get lag all the time!!!1122!!

Better blame it on Microsoft and xbox live.

If you just got fiber internet like me than you would not experience any of that.

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On PC you can build your own server and maintain it. You can ban and kick people you don't want on your server.

The console version is also running on dedicated servers only EA has full control over them.

So the answer to your question is if one server crashes than you move on to the other 895365734 servers that are still online.

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I can see piracy killing console market if leaks go on like this. Than most company's will just make shitty 1$ iphony games instead of 100million big block buster games like gears of war, uncharted and battlefield.

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I am so glad I skipped to upgrade my PC last year :D

Going to throw about 1000euro for my new rig :)

It's really great to be adult and have money.

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I install all my games on the 360 because of the load times. On other hand the ps3 has 2x read speeds and that just shows again that bluray is for movies and not good for loading games. You can disagree but it's still a fact :)

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If I can make the xbox 360 into a high end media machine than I will buy the xbox slim.

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PC has the best graphics by default. As it's not restricted by any hardware.

So don't even start talking about graphics.

People play counterstrike because it has one of the best gameplay of any shooter. Just like cod4.

People don't care if the upgrade is not that huge as long as the gameplay is still great it's all good.

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If you have read any article on this game you will know that you will be loading ALLOT. So it does indeed mater for many gamers.

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lmao... pc is next gen to this.

It looks very nice at 1020x640 at a small pic. But when you look close at your 55" tv it looks like pure crap.

Don't even bother comparing console to pc guys. Yes the game is very fun but graphics is like comparing ps1 with ps3.

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