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I genuinely don't understand comments like this because it's obvious to anyone who has played it that this is a game. Yes, the gameplay is more like a "choose your own adventure" book than a game where you have full control over everything....BUT your actions in the game can drastically change the course of the story to the point where it can feel like you're playing a completely different game to someone else. Something as simple as a conversation or choice can be genui...

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"Feminism and political correctness shouldn’t diminish the themes or plights of other characters."

This x100. I've seen a lot of comments from players who have beaten the game and said they wanted the humans to win because "androids aren't people and don't deserve rights". I find it interesting that there are people who can play a game literally about androids gaining sentience, developing emotions (and emotional connections with others), AND...

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The game is worth it just for Connor and Hank's storyline. The interactions between those two are amazing, and (if you play Connor as empathetic) the development of Hank's hostility into friendship/family is great. And if you play Connor like a merciless android, it's amazing how different the story progresses. It's like playing a completely different game.

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Yeah, I really don't understand how Telltale games consistently get good-to-great reviews, yet a game like Detroit (which has genuine branching paths and options which can completely change the course of the game) get average to bad reviews from certain sites. People really seem to have a weird hate-on for David Cage.

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That's funny, the Connor in my game responded with "Coming, Lieutenant!" which was a great little double entendre.

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Yeah, I know a lot of people are saying they prefer how Leon and Claire looked in Darkside Chronicles, but I always thought they looked a bit too old in those games. He genuinely looks like a 20 year old guy from the 90s (hello floppy 90s hair) in the remake. It makes you realize just how young the poor guy was while going through all this.

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I wonder if some of the not-so-great reviews are from people who missed the QTEs and got crappy endings as a result. A friend of mine accidentally killed Kara and Alice early on in the game and failed most of Markus' missions, so he got some really disappointing scenes and missed out on a big chunk of the game. Because of this he didn't really like the game.

When he watched me play, he was surprised at all the stuff he missed out on. He's going to play it again...

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I'm not surprised Locke was chosen over Cyan or Shadow, but I always thought Sabin and Edgar were more popular than Locke.

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Plus Seifer is arguably one of the most useful party members when he IS in your party (the Dollet mission) because if you KO Zell and Squall, you can then use Seifer to level up your GF's abilities without worrying about your main party gaining any levels. It's a great way to learn some pretty important GF abilities early-on in the game.

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Yeah, they've obviously completely revamped the Tomb Raider series into something different than what it was in the 90s and 2000s. Whether or not people like that is up to them, but it doesn't look like Lara Croft is going back to her sex appeal, double pistol, dinosaur-fighting days any time soon.

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I would've been completely fine with Tidus if he had a slightly older sounding voice. His character was great. The voice though....not so much.

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This! A Dissidia game for PS4 should have had everything the PSP games had, and more.

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Games don't exist in a bubble.They are made by people who live in the real world, and who often take inspiration from the real world to create a story. Saying that you can't have real-world influences and themes in any media (games, movies, books, etc) limits the hell out of what sort of games end up being made.

Imagine if a game like Final Fantasy 7 came out today. People would probably complain THAT game is "too political" because its story has heavy the...

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I will never accept blonde Terra!

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Professor Hojo.

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So true. I felt that way about Vincent in Dirge of Cerberus too. Vincent already had a redemption arc in FFVII. He found Lucrecia in the cave, she forgave him, and Vincent put Lucrecia's spirit to rest by telling her that Sephiroth is dead to spare her from the truth of what her son has become. He was content after that, and ready to start his life again without the guilt of his past sins weighing him down.

And then Dirge of Cerberus came around, and he was back to bro...

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Quote from article: 'Nomura and Hamaguchi mentioned that “while Cloud may look this way, he was a dork. I believe those of you who played the the original would understand what I mean by saying he’s a dorky character.” That said, we’ll see more of the youthful side of Cloud rather than the always-serious one we’ve seen more outside of the original game.'

Yessss! I'm so glad Square has remembered how much of a dorky, fun guy Cloud was in the original game. He was...

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He does turn into his final form, but it's exclusive for the Savage version of this fight.

And his final form looks absolutely AMAZING.... https://pbs.twimg.com/media...

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I don't even really consider a "proper" 3D Mario...if that makes any sense. Sure, the graphics are 3D. But it plays like a classic 2D Mario game; enter a level, progress forward, finish level. There's no option to explore a world or complete a task in multiple ways. You only have one way to go, and that's forward.

Not that that's a bad thing. But I think a lot of people were expecting an upgraded version of Super Mario 64 when they first heard tha...

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I'm hoping the port does well enough that they'll make another one. I think Tropical Freeze sold a lot less than Nintendo were expecting, and they've put the series on hold because of it :(

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