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Steam still doesn't work perfect. The new UI is cute but unnesesary and it seem they make u be online more and more often. Also if you loose connection before a game can cloudsync when u quit it will almost certainly make you be online to restart. It's nice that they always update their games but always updating the Steam app itself gets annoying aswell

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@papashango. That was hilarious.. Is good that Sony is taking a well grounded aproach for the ps4 tho

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This always online sux. Unless it's a 4g Lte option like W8 on tablets with some contract for less money SKU. Not allowing you to play software that you legally own however, would not hold water in court and I don't think all devs would like that. I personally have privacy and kid issues, or atleast my kid got issues, so my Surface and ipads are NOT 4g and my router is off when im not online(I live in a big city, this also stops people from trying to steal it). Basically my phones are...

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@wishing: The price point was one of many many things that made people abandon PS3. The PS3 didn't even come with HD cables and a rumble controller FFS!! $500 is not a lot especially if you're a "hardcore gamer". For $500 everyone would make sure it's a good deal but it's not unreasonable. The PS3 for $500 was a bad deal, that's why people, including me, were complaining. Because when we opened our debut $599 PS3 boxes we literally saw nothing that justified ...

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The notion that "the Wii U is actually pretty awesome" is starting to build. I thought the Wii was bad gimicks and all it took was a couple minutes with the Wii U to win me over. I get the feeling that everybody that is actually familiar with the product agrees

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Why is this article in Wii U news? We don't do flamebait 'round these parts

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Horrible news... Well, Sony went insane and now they've just fallen short of shaking everyone's hand and apologizing. It was Sega before that, and Atari before them. Guess it's MS's turn. Something about mid life makes these console makers get hotflashes and go insane. Bigger news still is how Nintendo can sell the Wii and VirtualBoy with a straight face and still be alive. God bless those bastards. Loving my Wii U tho, wrote this comment on it ^_^

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Yes Violents, I'm very aware that there crazy idiots everywhere. That you are unable to discern from how crazy Sony fanboys are, says more then anything I can say to make a compelling argument

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The comments are even funnier then the vid!! Lol

The thing is, Sony fanboys r the most dilusional bunch there is.. They're worst then beiber fans. I love gaming. I've had almost every console ever made(I'm a grown ass man) and always keep my PC's high end. I have a lot to say and a lot to do for gaming. I haven't participated in anything console related, including N4G, in YEARS, because of Sony fanboys. "ain't nobody got time for...

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hardware has become more of a reson now.

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If I may randomlly put my 3 cents here..

cent1: it's never bad news to have more games
cent2: KZ1 was kinda bad
cent3: @bozebo- if u think COD and KZ3 has good guns and hit detection, may I suggest u consider RB6 Vegas1, Vegas2, any source game, fear...

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@ frosty

1- I talk about Sony, because it's a Sony article

2- Perhaps you missed the little jabs at MS in my rant like.... "You know how to get gamers pockets ready for next gen? By anouncing with enough time and not charging an arm and a leg for online." -MS launched 360 right after anouncement, with faulty hardware and it has an ever increasing unjustified online charge. A bad way to start a next-gen. And, MS is even more guilty of not ha...

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Sony is an incredibly huge company that makes the world go'round. I know Sony is making money out of the PS3, and, I doubt the reasons I stated in my last paragraph are accurate(as I my self stated in the very paragraph in question). But Sony, or MS for that matter, not openly saying they're working on next gen is worrying. And me personally would hate to see this with said companies if they don't attend the "hardcore" grievances, wich are, we want a new console sooner t...

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That is one of the saddest staments I have ever read about gaming. Please go play with dolls or something. Just stay away from video games before they actually start listening to people like you.

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Are you people for real??? PS3 and Xbox have been looking outdated for a little over a year, and they both been technically outdated for YEARS now(and yes they're both preatty much the same regardless of wich one gives you a hard-on). You don't want better graffix or don't want to spend the money or think these billionaire development companies can't make games for next gen without jacking up prices? You don't know anything about this then. They're basically saying th...

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Not only is this very old news, but this is what the CELL was intented to do in the first place. The CELL was made for tv streaming. Sony put it on the PS3 as a test drive. One of the many reasons certain graphics fall short(and one of the reasons why graphics excel) on the PS3 is because of the damn tv chip Sony put on the PS. MS decided to be so mediocre lately that this was never really exploited to their favor. For those who rather be more educated then right, this is home base for the CE...

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Why would anyone buy old games on Live or PSN? Anybody can emulate them on a pc and play with all the high-res they want. You can get them waaay cheaper too since the only OPTIONAL payment would be a donation for any amount you want.

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how good is Move really? I haven't used it and would like to know if it's worth it. I'd like an honest opinion please, none of that "ZOMG IT'LL MAKE YOU CRAP YOUR PANTS". How does it compare to the Wiimote-plus or the Wiimote? I know it's basically the same thing, but surely must have difrences. Is every game playable with Move? Does it come with a strap so my nephew doesn't break something? Sorry if it's out of place, but I wanna know and since there'...

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around anything PS3. But since this also involves Forza.... I must admit GT5 does look better and the movement of the car is the best so far. But to claim is a beter sim then Forza is just crazy. For startes NO track in the world has a road that clean like on GT5 nor the trees. Grass only looks that green when Real Madrid plays Barca or on the Superbowl, so it looks cartoony. There's no way to judge gameplay from video, but the way the car went into corners on GT5 didn't look natural...

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STFU. I know about "body roll" lol. The F*** are U talking about. I've actually owned performence cars, not just in video games. You want evidence...STFU and pick up a controller. Play the games, compare, and cross reference the games. That's my evidence. You also prove you have no Idea what your talking about. Your prolly another 15 year old. Buy more consoles and own a couple of cars then get back to me LOLOL. Your failure begins the moment you thought you had a point. No ...

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