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ps3 is crap all the games on that system is crap deal with it .

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hahaha funny droids looks like this 1 leaked out of his moms vagina

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were are the sony trolls the system is ust crap i want the ps3 to die and yes it will just wait for the christmaass sales man the advertising microsfot is puting out in europe is immmense ive never seen this much advertising fo rthe 360 here in the uk its crazy i predict the 360 will sell 3 units world wide in the year of december , quote me on it .

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hahahaha took quite a long time to hit 1 million sold even army of two hit 1 million faster./lol

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HAHAHAHAHAH YOU JUST OWNED THE DROIDS i like how you drew them with a false hope that you may be priasing the poos3 then you owned them hahahaha bubbles

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HAHAH more cuts hey what a retarded company .they should have planned ahead its the ps3 faults that system has lost sony millions and millions the worst thing is that .
1. games dont sell on th eps3 ( meaning sony is not making any cash from software )
2.ps3 devices dont sell at all etc headsets ( sony looses cash from this
3. the ps3 sells cheaper than it cost to make( sony losees money)
4. psn is free ( sony makes 0 from its online service )
i can keep going...

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hahah funny droids . gears 2,fable 2,left for dead,banjoo nand b ( for the kiddies), 3last remanant ,infinte discovery , compared to mgs4,resisitance,lbp haha

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good to see sony loosing money and admiting th eps3 divsion is in trouble after developers read all of this expect 90%of 1st party devs tpo leave sony in 2009,also 2nd party sony devs liek the brain less kojima will have no choice but to make all games multiplat.

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hahahahah funny . droids are so funny

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ive seen this advert its so terrible hahaha ppl that no about games will be even more turned off after watching this game .

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DAMN DMAN DMAN YOU OWND THAT DROID REALLY GOOD HAHA I Aalmost fell out of my seat laughing hahahahahahahahahahhahha poor sony troll haha youll notice i dont post on the net an more as i know sony has no chance.

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ROFL IS THERE ANY VARIETY IN THIS GAME ??? BTW GEARS 2 LOOKS BETTER GRAPHICALLY THAN THIS THE WORM MAKES killzone 2 look outdated the all round texture and effects on screeen and detial on everiments make killzone look garabge and pklain looking every thing looks so clean in killzone nothin glooks worn (this put way less strreess on the ps3 gpu as its is not rendering a lot of detial.)

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HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH IF THEY ONLY KNEW THE JOKE HAHAHA THAT WAS HISTERICAL BOO SELECTA ok any way gears 2 looks better than killzone 2 so many loctauions i ca mention that look better than tyhe 1 envirment seen in killzone2 a game that hass been in development for almost 5 yrs the kighting in gears 2 is the best ever used in a video game (derrick lighting any 1 )

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HAHAHA IS THIS A JOKE RESISITANCE 2 885 META FLOPPPPED ,LBP SELLS 200K flopped not 1 knows about this game in the real world only the world of gameing sites they know about this crap.,socom 70% floppped,motoresotrm,85% flopped, hahah i fell sorry for the droids they are no reall aaa games on the ps3 1s again. hee if my statement is wrong prove me wrong

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jhey shaka gametrailers is that way son ->

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hey every 1look at this fool sony fan in th ecloset mr weymes haha he playe d ademo and says its not a full game what he does not know is that left for dead has 3 campaighns , co-op,muliplayer with up tp 16 ppl online humans vs infected so you can shoose to b a a zombie in mp if you want .therei just made all what he said in his crap comment vanish with fact

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ah so your talking about the sequenced boss event the showed of resistance 2 ? that the buildings inner and lower areas hhad no traffic nothing rendered below the city and also the inner areas had ps2 textures gears of war 2 makes that game looks crap and the reviews will show after reviewers play both games they will have to mark Resistance 2 down as it matches not even halo 3 .

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she looks liek a gremlin sorry i dont really find white girls atractive i likwe black ,spanish,mexican,indian,turks, arabs ,armenian ( kim kardashian is soooooo fine.

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hahah how many times have we seen these fake sony games ? remember the getaway the demo shown that was meant to be realtime hahahah CANNED so many lies from sony i didnt get much from this vid that impressed me and i know how it will look when they show it average .

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