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They better launch MP in a more complete state than Halo 5 and Gears 5.

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He was already in The Wheelman. I think he'll be fine

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MS also has something like this. We'll have to see who does it better

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Yeah I feel you. I think I'll get an XSX when avowed comes out unless I just get a second PC. PS5 maybe after Dad of War 2 and a couple other games.

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The demo gave me Breath of the Wild mixed with Metroid vibes tbh.

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Terrible messaging imo. Just show a game with incredible ray tracing on an XSX already if you want people to take it seriously.

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Maybe on your phone in stills but when you actually play the game that's another case.

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It's going to take a couple years for games to truly look "Next gen" leveraging everything to do with the PS5 SSD and the XSX's advanced RT capabilities. I mean compare Gears 5 and God if War to launch titles for the One and PS4. I think the advanced lighting on Spider-Man looks great though.

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Saying it looks worse than Killzone just isn't accurate.

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That's what the OG Xbox was

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No way it's steady 4K on even the highest of high end PC's after RT is implemented

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They need to delay the game until the Ray Tracing is done. Too many people on XSX playing the campaign before that is implemented would do too much damage

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What it was missing was a Ray Traced game running on XSX. That's really the problem. Otherwise I'm happy with Avowed and Fable coming

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PC is the clear choice this gen I think if someone were to only pick one

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"Yeah this huge AAA release is not as ambitious as our last huge AAA game in the series" No Developer Ever
It's possible that they bit off more than they can chew though with having such a huge area with such detailed environments with 4 player Co-op. We'll see though.

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The lineup looks great but it's a bit far out for some if the games.

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I mean, when you list out the games announced so far MS does have the upper hand.

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Anyone who played Blair Witch knows that Bloober isn't particularly great at optimizing games. That's why this is completely expected. I'm expecting this to eventually go to PS5 but at a lower resolution eventually

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Lol you didn't have to get in your truck and move the goal posts across town

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